You’ve done your homework and carefully researched contractors for your job. You’ve chosen the one you think will be best, not just the cheapest. You’ve taken off work for the big day and now you’re sitting at the kitchen table with a fresh cup of coffee waiting for the crew to arrive.

It’s noon, and still no crew, and the phone calls to the painting contractor’s office have yielded no solid answers.

What happened?

Your contractor wasn’t using employee crews. Many companies, including cable and satellite companies as well as construction and painting contractors often hire crews to do the actual work. When this happens, the contractor can not control scheduling. The crew can, and does, show up at a time that fits their own schedule which may be very different from the time or even day the contractor gave the homeowner.

Independent crews cannot be trained by the contractor, thus the work may be done differently than promised to the home owner.

painters jacksonville flIndependent crews can not be reprimanded by the contractor, and can cause customer service nightmares! After all, if they can do a job whenever they want, however they want, with no repercussion, there can be little incentive for a low paid laborer to be concerned with quality work.

In short, independent contractors can wear what they want, show up and leave when they want, and do the work however they want.

Performance Painting Contractors use crews that are comprised of employees. They have been trained by Performance Painting, they are scheduled by the company, and they are incentivized by the company to do an outstanding job.

This employer-employee relationship allows Performance Painting full control over scheduling and quality.

Finding a contractor for your job on Angie’s List or from a friend or relative doesn’t guarantee a quality job done on time. Your next door neighbor may have gotten a great crew, and a quality job, there is no guarantee you’ll get the same crew unless your contractor uses 100% employee crews.|

Next time you need a construction or painting contractor, be sure to ask about the crews they use. There is enough stress in our daily lives, waiting for a painting crew to show up doesn’t have to be another source of aggravation.

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