Professional Painting And Coating Services
The Painting Contractors You Can Trust!

Professional Painting And Coating Services

The Painting Contractors You Can Trust!

Performance Painting Contractors is comprised of trained, knowledgeable full­-time painters who pay attention to details and help create "world-class" facilities. Whether you are in need of industrial coatings or new protection for your commercial building, Performance Painting is the painting company that can provide you with an unmatched customer experience complete with quality work, professionalism and expertise.

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Our Professional Painting Knowledge Base is a great resource  for commercial and industrial project planners. It contains a wide array of in-depth articles covering all facets of commercial, industrial and HOA painting projects.   

Why Industrial Coatings Are Important

    Over the last few years, advances in material science have increasingly been realized in the form of new industrial coatings. These coatings not

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  Selecting the right exterior paint for your home can be quite a headache. When you pick out paint, you will find hundreds of colors available, and

How Are Water Towers Painted?

Painting a water tower can be challenging work. Water tank painting has traditionally been among the more complex commercial painting services. There

What is the Difference Between Polyurethane and Urethane Coatings

When looking for quality industrial coatings, it is not unusual to hear about urethane or polyurethane coatings. They are common when discussing

Types of Industrial Flooring

Choosing the right flooring system makes a substantial difference in how your facility performs. Your floor must resist abrasion from foot and

Benefits of a Polished Concrete Floor

There are many floor coatings and treatments that can be appropriate in a commercial or industrial setting. Choice of flooring ultimately comes down



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