Founder’s Story

“I was on the verge of becoming a professional action-sport athlete; but then…”

The Performance Advantage

Tools & Support

After 20 years in the commercial painting business we’ve made all the mistakes, and solved just about every conceivable challenge in this industry. All that wisdom & guidance will be yours in our playbooks of software; job contracts; marketing; sales; and operations.

Steady Revenues

In the commercial painting industry, the original project you complete for your Customers is just the beginning. With our maintenance program we set you up for steady, residual revenue as Customers make their monthly payment to your Franchise for ongoing maintenance services.

Clear "Why"

In business we want to be successful; make more money; enjoy more lifestyle for our hard work. Beyond those tangibles is our purpose; the “why” we do what we do each day. When our “why” is clearly defined we thrive. Our why: To give the world a fresh look.

Performance at Work

Filming On-site with Customers & Crews.

Performance Painting at a Glance

Performance Painting Franchise Support


  • Business Operations
  • Legal & Taxes
  • Insurance/Equip
  • Hiring/Firing
  • Sales & Marketing
Our past lessons, your future wins.

1:1 Support

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  • Site Visits
We got your back in all weather.


  • Franchisee Forums
  • Video Tutorials
  • Regional Getaways
  • Conferences (Live & Virtual)
Good friends is good business. Let’s play!

Available Markets

We’re in Phase I of our national launch so it’s wide open out there.

Ideal for Owners who prefer to blaze new trails.

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