Accent Walls and Color Combinations

Accent walls play a unique role when it comes to interior design. Not only do they act as a focal point, they are also used to add depth to a room, creating the illusion of additional space that can open up an area. The illusion of depth allows you to add more texture and color to your room without making it appear to be overcrowded or cluttered. Bold colors can actually bring a room to life.

Windows and Walls

While many accent walls are painted a contrasting, or dark color, windows can have an opposite effect. If three of the walls are a neutral or dark shade and the fourth wall has large windows, the accent wall is actually a living wall full of sunshine and light. Instead of covering the windows with curtains, install window shades that can be drawn or opened as needed. The beauty of using windows as part of an accent wall is that the scenery changes with the seasons and offers something new every day.

Decals and Decor

Accent walls can be more than just a solid wall of color. If you are working in a child’s room, add a few decals and brighten up the space. You can also use decals in the “man-cave” or family room. The décor you choose will stand out against the accent wall, making it more attractive and adding to the focal point of the area. Add a painting or a small decorative shelf. Include a mirror if you want to add a little shine.

Just like cartoon decals work for a child’s room or a sports team logo stands out in a game room, the type of decor you choose for your accent wall will set the tone and purpose for the room. Spend a little time and put some consideration to the type of decor you want to use. If you are going to the trouble of painting an accent wall, the least you can do is add a few pieces of unique decor.

Shelves and More Shelves

If you want to try something new, put up a few shelves and alternate rows of books with rows of various types of décor. Include a few small statues and framed pictures. Add a few small plants for a touch of greenery and you will create your own accent wall without even opening a can of paint. When you are decorating with shelves, the options are endless especially if you have small collections of items that you like to have on display.

The Right Balance of Color

Much of the beauty associated with having an accent wall has to do with the contrasting of the colors. Lights and darks add the starkest contrast but also add the most balance to a room. Using two neutral colors will also provide balance but it will be much more subtle and have a blending effect. The best way to decide on the best colors for the room is to look at the furniture and other pieces of décor that will be located in the room. Choose two colors or tones that blend well with the existing colors and then choose one to be the accent color.

Having an accent wall is becoming more and more popular. You can showcase certain pieces of décor or simply make a bright and bold statement. No matter what your reason for using an accent wall, the results will be amazing in terms of adding space and creating a sense of balance. If you are having trouble finding the perfect set of colors, contact us your local paint professional. We can help you find the perfect combination of color to make any room in your home or business look absolutely amazing!

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