While I was recently on Sherwin Williams’ site, I saw these really helpful tools for anyone that is looking to do their own painting and needs some help.

So I wanted to share them:

Paint Calculator – If you decide to take on the daunting task of painting yourself, check out this easy to tool that will calculate how much pain you need for your project. You will want to measure the height of the ceiling, the total width around your room and count the number of doors and windows. Then it does the rest. Pretty neat tool. But, just a word of advice. If you tend to “paint” more than the walls, you might want to get a bit more to make sure you have enough.

Color Visualizer – If you find it hard to select the right color, this tool makes it even easier. Just take a picture of the room, upload it to the Visualizer, then start “painting.” The visualize let’s you choose different colors and finish. This is perfect for the person that needs to “see” it before they do it.

Kids Colors – Check out these new colors for kids bedrooms. Whether you are making room for baby or helping your teenager decide on appropriate colors for their room, Sherwin Williams has a palette for you. Check them out and then leave us a comment about your favorite color.

Don’t have time to paint yourself, but need to get a room or two freshened up? Give us a call, with the help of our interior decorator, we can help you pick colors and get the room painted. You’ll be loving the look sooner than you think and all without getting one bit of paint on you.

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