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Sherwin Williams is one of the leading paint companies in the world. It manufactures paints in more than 1,700 colors and they are blended perfectly every time. Sherwin Williams is also known for its various innovations and amazing technologies, such as its Paint Shield Antimicrobial Paint.

If you’ve never heard of Paint Shield, it destroys more than 99% of common household bacteria on contact. But the use of Paint Shield isn’t limited to your kitchen—it’s also a terrific solution when you want a business to reduce absenteeism caused by employee illness.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities often use Paint Shield and other antimicrobial solutions since they help curb some of the most common bacteria, like E. coli, which causes intestinal symptoms that can be fatal. So, if you want to protect your people and the public, Paint Shield is a great option and Sherwin Williams has it.

Sherwin Williams Offers Some Amazing Free Tools for Your Commercial Painting Project

That’s just one of many examples of the way Sherwin Williams works overtime to help people. As commercial painting contractors, we’ve definitely noticed it. And we noticed it again during a recent visit to their website.

In addition to providing a full spectrum of beautiful, durable paints, Sherwin Williams offers free tools to help you plan your commercial painting project. One of these is the Sherwin Williams Paint Calculator.

The Paint Calculator helps you estimate exactly how much paint you will need for your painting project. You simply input some basic information about the square footage of the surfaces you will be painting. Since this tool will do all the calculations for you, you’ll never need to do any complex calculations yourself.

In fact, we use some very similar tools here at Performance Painting when we plan any commercial painting project. Don’t be thrown off by the fact that the tool refers to residential space: The calculations are all the same ones that should be used for commercial space and will give you plenty of valuable information.

Even if you end up working with a commercial painting contractor in Jacksonville, you can still save time just by giving them the information you got from the Sherwin Williams Paint Calculator. Of course, the expert team at Performance Painting will double-check all of the calculations to make sure they are absolutely correct for you.

If you were doing the project yourself, you should round up whatever result the Paint Calculator gives you, then add 10%. This accounts for the fact that anyone who isn’t a professional commercial painter is going to have a bit of loss – and that can add a few hundred dollars or more to your costs, depending on the total size.

Naturally, if you work with a commercial painting contractor like Performance Painting, you can rest assured you will get not only the highest quality of paint but also the most efficient use of it. We commonly use Sherwin Williams for our customers and can also choose from a wide range of other brands based on color and quality.

After You Know How Much Paint You Need, Here’s What Comes Next

Once you have a ballpark idea of how much paint you need, the next step is to put together the color palette. The average residential painting customer might only use one or two colors, but a commercial painting project can be more complex. Think about your branded color scheme and how it could be reflected in your space.

The next step is the Sherwin Williams Digital Color Wall, which will help you visualize the different color options and see them with complementary colors. Elsewhere on the website, you can use the color visualizer to see all the different colors in a scene, such as a lobby, under daytime or night conditions.

You can go even further by taking photographs of the interior you want painted and uploading them to the color visualizer. That enables you to use the same interface to digitally paint over your own photos and see exactly what you might get after your commercial painting project.

Don’t Go It Alone on Your Own Commercial Painting Project

The Sherwin Williams tools are great, and they are only getting better over time. But when it comes to getting the best results out of a commercial painting project, the best thing is to never go it alone. You should work with a Jacksonville commercial painting contractor you can trust.

That way, you not only get the right products for the job but you can be certain they are applied correctly to maximize their beauty and longevity. Plus, you can be sure of minimal business disruption.

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