Homeowners Associations (HOAs) bring significant benefits to their members. In a nutshell, homeowners can take advantage of proper property management, including maintenance and repairs. An essential point is that HOAs can select the service providers they want to work with. This means they can choose the best contractors in the area to ensure that work is performed in accordance with applicable professional standards and HOA’s rules, which have been put in place not only to benefit homeowners, but also to maintain a uniform environment and proper order.  

Commercial Painter for HOAChoosing a Painter for Your HOA in Florida

Are you looking for a Florida commercial painter? If yes, the next 5 steps will walk you through the process of selecting the right commercial painting contractor for your HOA.

Step 1
The first thing you need to do is to establish if hiring a Florida commercial painter is reasonable and in the best interest of all homeowners. Property inspections are necessary to identify possible problem areas and determine the size of the painting project. Additionally, you must review if particular actions are required under the federal law or HOA’s rules. In Florida, for instance, HOAs are required to review bids from different contractors when projects exceed five percent of the budget. Any questionable action should also be reviewed by an attorney to ensure that no erroneous decisions are made.  

Step 2
Finding qualified commercial painters is critical to achieve the best results. During the evaluation process, you should pay attention to a series of aspects, including past performance, expertise and experience, managerial capability, financial stability, license, and insurance. The easiest way to find qualified painting contractors is to use dedicated online sources, such as Manta, Better Business Bureau, and Houzz, which allow community association members to search for and find the right service providers, without limitations or membership requirements.

Step 3
The lowest bid shouldn’t be your first choice. Before making a final decision, look at what each contractor provides, and compare the offers you receive. If you find a reliable Florida commercial painter who offers all the services you’re looking for, the next thing you need to do is to ask for a written agreement. The contract should include a provision stating that the relationship between the HOA and the painter is an independent contractor relationship, which provides protection to the HOA. Additionally, the agreement should clearly specify:

  • who will perform the work, including subcontractors;
  • the start and finish date of the project, with month, day, and year;
  • the price the association will pay along with the methods of payment;
  • the circumstances under which the parties can terminate the contract;
  • what will happen if the contractor is unable to complete the work;
  • warranty on the work performed.

Step 4
To be legally valid, the agreement must be signed by the contractor and at least two directors, or one director and one officer, such as the president or vice president of the association, and the chief financial officer or secretary. The rules on withdrawal of funds from the association’s accounts to pay the contractor are usually established by the board.

Step 5
If the painter does a great job, and you want to use his services in the future, you should set forth a rebid policy, which requires the contractor to make a new bid every year. This way, you’ll benefit from the best offer whenever you need commercial painting services.

Choosing a Florida commercial painter for your HOA may seem easy. However, the issues that may arise during the selection process can turn this simple task into a difficult endeavor.

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