Painting the Shrimp Shack

When people enter a restaurant, most don’t take the time to critique the walls. What they will notice, however, is if the paint color is off or if the walls are dirty looking. If you are considering painting your restaurant, there are several things you will need to think about before you undertake the project. Before you start, you will want to determine what type of result you want to end up with. In most cases, this adds up to being pleasing to the eye, easy to clean, and above all, as little downtime as possible.

Choose the Right Kind of Paint

The type of paint you choose will determine how long it will stay looking nice. A heavy-duty, matte finish paint is your best option. Heavy-duty paints are formulated to stand up to the test of time as well as many of the environmental factors that are found inside a restaurant. This includes humidity and constantly being touched (in some areas). A heavy-duty, matte finish paint will be less likely to show fingerprints and smudges and will be easy to clean. Frequently wiping the walls down with a wet cloth can eventually dull the finish. A heavy-duty paint will stand up to this treatment much longer than regular interior paint.

Choose The Right Color Scheme to Go With Your Brand

Color choice is key especially if your restaurant has a specific theme that goes along with its brand. Use accent walls to set the mood. Top it off with a lighter color or off-white trim that will accentuate focal points around the room. Depending on the type of lighting you use, you may want to stick with a lighter color base paint and a complimenting color for the accent wall. You don’t want the room to be too dark or too bright, so finding a happy medium is a must.

The Right Time To Schedule the Work

The size of your restaurant will determine how much time you have to set aside to complete the project. If you have multiple areas, you can close off one area at a time and paint the building in sections. If you want to finish the entire project at once, you will need to study your restaurant’s traffic history to find a time that is relatively slow. You will need to shut the restaurant down for a few days if you choose this option, so make sure to schedule the project accordingly.

Perform A Thorough Clean Up

Once the project is completed, you will need to perform a thorough clean up. With proper ventilation, most of the odor will dissipate rather quickly but you will still want to go over each room carefully to make sure there are no spots or drips of paint that will detract from your freshly painted walls. Once the paint has had enough time to dry thoroughly, take a damp cloth and wipe down all of the surfaces and trim. This will remove any dust that was left behind and will also show you any splatters or drips. It will also give a nice clean look to the entire restaurant.

Before you undertake a huge project like painting your restaurant, contact us, your local paint professionals. We will help you choose the right type of paint and the best color scheme to meet your needs. You will probably find that hiring a professional will be a better choice. It is not uncommon for restaurateurs to request us to take on a project like this. The reason being is that they want it done right and quickly without any disruptions to their business. To ensure complete satisfaction, to you, the client, we can offer after-hour paintings. Contact us for an estimate today. 

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