“Sherwin-Williams National Painting Week is an annual celebration dedicated to protecting and beautifying the things and places we love – in our own homes and in the communities in which we live.”
-The Sherwin-Williams Company

If you’re not already volunteering your time at your local Sherwin-Williams store, there are many stories of support that are sure to inspire you to pick up a brush. To throw a little notoriety towards this special event, we’re showcasing our favorite stories of strong community partnerships that have derived from painting.

1. Painting a Wall of Love in Vietnam

Samsung is known as the technologically dominating guru, so it’s nice to see the global corporation making a difference. A group of volunteers from Samsung Electronic Vietnam went the extra mile to provide a little color to the small commune of Thuy Hoa.  Their efforts included wall murals and the painting of doors and windows to 4 elementary schools in the course of two days. Even with many volunteers being amatur painters, the mission was successful to the delight of many excited children.

2. A Pro Confides His Best Tips for Painting Exteriors

We’ve all heard horror stories of the seedy practices of less reputable painting contractors. It’s good to know that there are those out there that have nothing to hide and everything to share. Andrew D’Amato, co-owner of Andrews Painting in Milton, Massachusetts, is one such individual. After graduating from the Art Institute of Boston, D’Amato discovered his passion and affinity for painting. To him, dissecting a home to it’s distinct and proper needs is crucial. “Painting is the last step in the construction process and the most dramatic,” he says. “Our clients care about their home. It’s more to them than a place to plunk. It’s a showpiece.” He breaks down each step and reason for his methods, leaving no details behind closed doors, to ensure the complete trust and good practices.

3. The A. E. Robert Friedman PDCA Scholarship

A.E. Robert Friedman served as legal counsel for Painting and Decorating Contractors of America for many years and was a strong supporter of education. At the time of his passing, a request was made by his family to establish an on-going scholarship program in his honor. For 30 years, students have collectively earned over $310,000 in contributions to the Fund, primarily by PDCA members’ individual donations.

4. Volunteers paint interior of Salvation Army men’s shelter

Karma is a wondrous thing. So when volunteers from Messiah Evangelical Lutheran Church offered their services to  the Salvation Army Men’s Shelter, the mission of helping others came around full circle. There’s something about a fresh coat of paint that just puts you at ease. So, for those staying at the shelter, it brings a feeling of home. It just goes to show that it’s not all about a paycheck at the end of the day, but the satisfaction of paying it forward.

5. Winner of the Gift of Color Pays It Forward

Speaking of paying it forward, we couldn’t skip the gracious act as a result of Performance Painting’s Gift of Color Charity. Among those nominated for the award were Ronnie and Rhonda Williams, a couple whose home caught on fire and claimed the life of their beloved dog while ravishing the home they had lived in for over 34 years. Although Camp I Am Special – a charity of Catholic Charities – received $7,500 worth of painting services, the organization was touched by the Williams’ story and passed on the award.  Between the homeowner’s insurance and repairs, they were on a slow, rocky path. “We felt compelled to do something for them. So, that if we were the winners, we wanted to ‘Pay It Forward’ and do something on their behalf to help them, said Jennifer Garizio, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Jacksonville. Members of Catholic Charities donated their time to help Performance Painting with the painting of the Williams home. That year, we awarded two deserving causes The Gift of Color. 

It doesn’t have to be National Painting Week to help the community. Our signature event, the Gift of Color Charity Paint Makeover, is year-round. We ask the community to nominate a deserving person or charity and from the top candidates, we award the winner a complete paint makeover. Play your role in making a difference, and nominate someone in need. 


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