Gift of Color


After a "brief" two-year pause, Performance Painting is SO excited to announce the "Gift of Color" is back, and we need your help! 


Since 2011, and with a strong dedication to the community, Performance Painting has hosted an Annual Charity Painting Makeover. This year, we will provide services up to $15,000 to a well-deserving organization or historical landmark. 


Nominate a 2023 Candidate!

Performance Painting is now accepting nominations for 2023! Do you know of someone that could benefit from this? Let us know who by filling out the form. 


Voting closes at noon on December 16th! The winner will be chosen on December 16th at our company Christmas party! We will make the announcement on Monday, December 19th. 


The past winners were :

Nominate a  Candidate for 2023




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