Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner in Florida, the process of finding just the right professional painting company to handle all your property’s exterior and interior painting needs can be a daunting one. To avoid undue stress, additional costs, and potential aggravation, you’ll need to do your homework before making your decision. From how long the project will take, the guarantees offered, and the type of materials and equipment used, to the work ethic of the crew and the reputation of the company, there’s lots to consider. Fortunately, if you choose a painting company that employs its own full-time, in-house team of painters rather than going with a company that contracts outside painters per project, you’ll instantly be choosing a company that has positioned itself levels above the competition.  

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why it’s better to select a painting company that has full-time employees vs. one that contracts workers per project:

The most highly-skilled & reputable painters work full-time.

20140128_073324-601144-editedWhile Florida is filled with lots of talented and experienced painters, the fact is that the best painters have full-time jobs working for professional painting companies.  Any laborer can accept a painting job once a week or a few times a month ~ depending upon how much he feels like getting up and going out to work. Full-time skilled painters, however, have made a commitment to their employer, their families, and themselves to show up for work every day. Although they already bring lots of talent and experience to their job when they get hired, by working full-time for a reputable painting company, they continue to improve their skills by working on a daily basis.

Painters who work full-time for a company consistently produce quality work.

Choosing a painting company that has a full-time crew on board means you can expect nothing less than superior, exceptional work. Why? For starters, the painters are accountable to the owner or manager of their company. It’s not just another project that they’ll never have to think about once they’re done with it. It’s an established account of their employer’s and another project done exceptionally well. Full-time painters show up for work on time, well-rested, drug-free, and excited and ready to work. With many fly-by-night, part-time contracted painters, you’ll never know what top of work you’ll get done on your project (and neither does the Contractor!)

Full-time painters are more diversified than contracted painters.

10574281_1430410903914566_1841166909311907358_nFull-time painters work collaboratively with their colleagues. They don’t just learn from working on different projects, they also learn from each other, as opposed to contractors that might often work solo on projects. This gives full-time painters a greater breadth of experience, which often translates to high quality results. Unlike contractors that might have antiquated techniques or skills that are too specialized, full-time painters can call on a wide variety of handy skills. Having that quality and level of experience on hand is always invaluable in a project.

Full-time painters feel a great accountability to their employer and profession

Full-time painters, as opposed to contractors, are invested in the business. This might be because they have benefits, or they’ve been working there for many years. There’s integrity in the work produced, especially because it’s long-term work. When painting companies hire a  permanent, full-time crew, they’re hiring people who have greater accountability. Contractors can walk away. But in-house painters won’t.

While certainly many part-time, independent painters are experienced, skilled, and dependable, it’s easier to find a whole team of skilled and exceptional painters working together on your project when you hire a painting company that employs them!

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