For many of us the walls of our home or office has always been painted in shades of white. It was everywhere, including the bathroom. It’s not difficult to recall an occasion where the walls of your home or office may have been repainted from flat interior white to eggshell white. In today’s interior design, white is still a valid choice but the addition of color to your home or office space is happening more and more. Adding color to interior walls can add calm or add pizazz to a dull or small space. Colors can affect your visitors as well as have an effect on you as a homeowner or business. Remember, color isn’t just for the baby’s room anymore.

Color can reflect your personality. It’s true that colors reflect a person’s mood. For instance, the color orange reflects self-esteem and confidence. The color blue in deeper shades encourages efficiency and is thought to purify your thinking. Lighter shades of blue lend an element of peace to a space. Green is the primary color of

Color Wheel

 nature and symbolizes fresh starts. Light purple is a color of connection. It reminds us that we are all connected on some level.

Homeowners can use light purple to enhance compassion and to experience friends as family; whereas 

Making the decision to liven-up your drab spaces can boost the look of your home or office and add a little snap to your step. Who’s ready to cover the white walls?businesses could incorporate shades of blue to keep employees efficient and calm.

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