Sometimes a single, well-selected color of quality paint is all a room or building needs to become exceptional. Other times, the use of decorative painting techniques and faux finishes can add an extra boost of style and appeal.

The use of Faux Finishes in your home or business is a great way to add that little “extra something” to the overall ambience of your space. In the example pictured below, the faux finish subtly enhances the large area much more effectively than if it were simply painted a single color, which may appear too flat for the space. The finish complements the very traditional style of the door and chandelier nicely.

Faux Finsih Faux Finsih

Faux finishes are called “faux” (French for “false”) because they create the illusion of being made of another type of material. Surfaces can appear to be made of stone, marble, Venetian plaster, wood, leather, parchment, brick, and more. Using a variety of application techniques and materials including paint, glazes, and textures, the options are endless. Faux finishes are applicable for interiors and exteriors including walls, trim, floors, garage doors, fireplaces, columns, and furniture pieces.

Garage Door Painting

Decorative painting techniques include using a variety of color, patterns or techniques to liven up the space. Each wall and floor can serve as a blank canvas for large geometric patterns such as stripes, checkerboards, stencils, color progressions—some of which can evoke the same feeling as simpler wallpaper designs without all the glue!

Performance Painting Stripes

For the do-it-yourself person, keep in mind that applying these techniques can be labor intensive, messy, and time consuming when you consider surface preparation, multiple layers of coatings, and cleanup. Our team at Performance Painting is more than eager to help you make the best decisions about your space and take care of the entire project from start to finish. 

What space would you like to enhance at your business or home?

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