000_1384-copyYou’re a busy person with a company to run – and whether you are looking to renovate, spruce up the place or finish off a repair project, having paint work done right the first time is a huge weight off your shoulders. But before you let just anyone tackle the task, consider the safety of your employees (and customers) while the work is being done. There are scores of regulations, rules and laws that need to be considered not just for the wellbeing of your bottom line – but for the health and wellness of the people who use your structures on a daily basis. Today we’re going to highlight some areas you might want to consider when debating about whether or not to hire a team of experts for your next Florida commercial painting project.

Interior hazards

The two biggest potential hazards when it comes to paint work inside your business: debris and vapor. Tackling debris might seem simple enough, but Florida commercial painting professionals know that to do a paint job well, you have to prep all surfaces appropriately – which might mean working in the office when your staff are off site for the weekend, so that no one is disturbed by the noise and there’s no chance of someone getting paint flakes in their keyboard. A more serious concern during months where ventilation is difficult due to the weather, is the off-gassing of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are present in virtually all paints.

VOCs can present unpleasant odors, but even once the “new paint smell” has passed, it is possible that the chemical compounds are still leeching into the air and can cause health problems for workers. This is an area where working with a professional commercial painting crew in Florida can pay dividends – by helping you select the right paints for the work in the first place, professional painters are able to help you minimize exposure to VOCs in the long term as well as eliminating exposures during the work by coordinating with your office schedule to keep “paint work” away from your office workers.

Exterior concerns

If it is an outdoor painting job your company seeks, the variables and potential for risks, damage and injury are much greater. Florida commercial painting companies are obliged to undergo standard health and safety training, but more than this, we are equipped to deal with common building styles (and problems), as well as whatever the weather may have in store for the time your painting project will be happening. Keeping your staff off the ladders outside is one thing – but ensuring they don’t inadvertently damage property, injure clients or each other with falling debris is an entirely different matter. Having the right equipment for the job, undergoing regular Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) training and having an experienced team puts a professional team leaps and bounds ahead of those do-it-yourself penny pinchers in the back office.

Commercial painting work in Florida has its share of potential risks. By working with a team of experts, you minimize the exposure your employees have to potential illness and injury in a purposeful way. To find out more about how our commercial paint crew can give your business a lift without the risks, contact our team today.

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