5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane
Here in Jacksonville, although we are not hit every year, we must still prepare for the hurricane season. The thought of Hurricane Irene coming right at us, has me thinking about what is required to really be prepared. Preparation can make a big difference between surviving and keeping your home safe or losing everything that you own, including your family or life. So I put together a quick list of 5 tips to help you prepare for hurricane this season, that I will share here.

Tip #1: Have an emergency kit. Every home should prepare a kit for emergencies. This kit will be valuable in case that a hurricane does come through. Your kit should include water, lighters / matches, candles, flashlights, extra batteries, long lasting food, aid supplies and essential medicines. Also consider packing an extra phone charger, extra keys for your vehicle(s) and home, credit cards and cash, emergency phone numbers and handheld radio.

Tip #2: Have an Emergency plan. In case that a hurricane does strike your home, you and your family members must know what to do. What will you take with you, what will you leave behind? This will help you save valuable time and get to a safe location quicker with less losses.

Tip #3: Stay informed. You can do this by listening to the local radio or watching the TV news or via an app on your Smartphone. Remember to download the weather app for your phone now. Don’t wait till the last minute. Staying informed will help you and your family make the best decisions.

Tip #4: Heed the warning. As tough as it might be, if an evacuation is required, don’t ignore. I know it can be a difficult decision to leave, but it might be the one decision that makes the biggest impact on your survival and health. Don’t ignore the warnings.

Tip #5: After deciding to evacuate your property, turn off the electricity and gas. This will protect your home even further. There is nothing worse than coming back home and finding all of your belongings burned down due to an electric fire or gas explosion.

Although preparing for hurricanes might seem a little bit exaggerated to some, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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