5_Must-Have_Painting_Tools_That_Will_Make_the_Job_Easier.jpgFinally, the season for home improvement projects is back again! But warm weather and sunny days aren’t enough to achieve a high-quality paint job. For this, you also need a few painting tools that can make the job easier and ensure success.

Since we at Performance Painting have spent a lot of time and money looking for the best tools to deliver THAT perfect finish, we’ve put together a list of five must-have tools you should get before you start painting.

1. The “Famous” Putty Knife
When it comes to preparing walls for painting, nothing works better to press plaster patch or spackling compound into holes or to feather out edges for a smooth finish than a putty knife. But the secret to a truly neat work is to choose the right putty knife for the job. There are two types of knives: 1) with flexible blades, which are typically used to apply different compounds; 2) with stiff blades, also referred to as paint scrappers, which are designed for scraping off old coatings, wall coverings, caulking, etc. Also, the blades range in width from 1-1/4 to 6 inches. The narrower blades are suitable for small projects (e.g. filling small holes and cracks with compound; removing and applying grout between tiles; etc.), whereas the wider ones are used to scrap and patch larger areas.

2. Painter’s Tape the “Great”
In the world of painting, Shurtape’s FrogTape Delicate Surface is the king and “protector of all surfaces” – just like Alexander the Great was the “protector of men”. What’s so special about this tape? Besides allowing homeowners to cover and protect various items, such as window frames, baseboards and light fixtures, FrogTape can be used even by the most inexperienced DIYers to execute different painting techniques perfectly without worrying about bleeding paint. That’s one of the reasons why this tape is available in different shapes, including wave, chevron and scallops. What’s more, FrogTape can be removed easily within 60 days without leaving any visible traces. Therefore, Shurtape’s FrogTape is definitely one of the painting tools you should have in your toolbox before starting a painting project.

3. High-Quality Paint Brushes
High-quality brushes may seem ridiculously expensive. But they’re well worth the extra money. How are you going to cut in that perfect edge or paint overhead with a brush that’s uncomfortable to hold, leaves annoying paint strokes and bristles behind, and drips paint as you move it back and forth? For the best results, we advise you to buy angled and straight cut brushes with flagged tips and tapered edges. These paint brushes are comfortable to hold, allow you to trace sharp lines and can hold more paint than regular brushes.

4. Rollers, Rollers, Rollers
We can’t stress enough the importance of getting the right types and sizes of rollers. Though brushes are great painting tools, they aren’t suitable for painting large surfaces. With rollers, on the other hand, you can paint large wall areas relatively quickly, use less paint and achieve a much better finish, even when painting textured surfaces. Roller covers are available in synthetic, natural and blended fabric types, different pile depths (from 1/4 to 1-1/2 inches) and lengths (from 4 to 18 inches).

5. Extension Pole: The Magical Helping Hand
Not only does using a ladder when painting is quite inconvenient because you need to climb, get down and move the ladder repeatedly as you paint; it can also leave unsightly marks on the floor. When painting higher walls and ceilings, a roller extension lends the magical helping “hand” you need to get the perfectly finished outcome you want.

While you don’t need to be a professional painter to complete a painting project, you certainly need at least the aforementioned painting tools to do a good job. But even with the best painting tools, perfect results can only be achieved through trial and error. If you don’t like the trial-and-error approach or you’re afraid to try your hand at a major home improvement project, contact us at Performance Painting. As a full-service interior and exterior painting company, our professionals can provide you with the high quality paint job you deserve.

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