So, you’ve decided to renovate your home. But to get your home improvement project on the right start, it’s imperative to focus a little bit on your pre-renovation homework. One important aspect is to find out how to balance a neutral color palette with pops of color. If you need help, here are 10 ways you can use rich, dazzling, brilliant colors to add surprising depth, visual interest, and personality to your living space.  

  1. Accent Wall: Just like a colorful scarf can add a touch of flair to a neutral outfit, an accent wall can turn a neutral interior into a stylish, energizing setting. Hot pink, deep red, bright turquoise, and electric blue are some of the colors you can use to create an elegant, rich, powerful décor.
  2. Art Wall: The “art wall” is back in vogue. Painting an “art wall” a beautiful hue, such as Prussian blue, Russian green, or Burgundy red, is one of the best methods to pair a saturated shade with cherished artworks for a truly unique interior décor.Child's Decorative Wall
  3. Framed Wallpaper Panel: Framing a wallpaper panel is an easy and inexpensive way to add pops of color to any space. Today, you can find wallpapers in a wide variety of colors and finishes, which are perfect to create a visual centerpiece.
  4. Connecting Colors: Burnt orange and grassy green are two great shades that can be used to connect different rooms in your home. For instance, you can have an orange accent wall in the living room and orange flowers painted on your kitchen walls.  
  5. Smooshing Technique: Another great idea to cheer up your living environment is to opt for a unique wall painting technique, such as the smooshing technique. For a powerful design statement, paint your walls a bold shade, let them dry properly, and then apply a neutral color with glaze mixed in. Cover freshly painted surfaces with a plastic drop sheet, wrinkle the sheet, and remove it. The result will be a sensational marble effect.
  6. Decorative Elements: Another way to incorporate pops of colors into your décor is to paint various decorative elements. Sometimes, there’s no better way to dress up a room than to paint geometric shapes, flowers, butterflies, and other elements in spicy colors.
  7. Ceiling: A white, beige, or grey color scheme provides the perfect background for numerous vivid hues, such as sunshine yellow, electric blue, pistachio green, fire-engine red, bright purple, and so on. To avoid an overwhelming effect, use strong colors judiciously. As an example, you should paint only the border around the perimeter of the ceiling instead of the entire ceiling.
  8. Trim: While a white trim can perfectly complement any neutral color scheme, opting for a vivid hue to delineate your walls is an adventurous move yet a great way to rejuvenate your space.  
  9. Furniture: Painting your furniture a chic shade, such as deep red or electric blue, allows you to add interesting pops of color to your space. For a great overall effect and stylish look, use various accessories (e.g. pillows, blankets, curtains, etc.) in the same shade.  
  10. Floor: Painted floors are a new trend increasing in popularity. Painting your floor a bold color is a great way to breathe new life into your space and surprise your guests.  

When it comes to interior décor, colors are the most important elements you can use to invigorate a neutral space. If creativity isn’t your strength, contact us at Performance Painting. Our professional painters will come up with a wide variety of color combinations that can make your space pop.

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