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Hiring the right Jacksonville apartment painters, who are able to turn your rental property into one of the most enviable options on the market, is one of the few things you can do to attract tenants.

Whether you’re looking for a basic paint job to give your apartment a fresh feeling or want something different that will set your property apart from the others, considering the areas discussed below will enable you to get more bang for the buck.

Paint Problems

Few things are as disconcerting to a property owner as watching bubbles, cracks or mold stains forming on painted surfaces within several weeks after a project completion.

Unfortunately, when a paint job is executed incorrectly, or when the paint products are recommended without a careful assessment of the general condition of the property and Florida’s weather, a series of paint problems can occur.

However, if you hire the right Jacksonville apartment painters, you can easily avoid problems and get durable results. That’s because professional contractors like the painters who work at Performance Painting Contractors have plenty of experience in commercial, residential and industrial painting. Furthermore, they’re background-checked and safety trained to deliver the best end product and services to our customers. Having said that, our Florida painting contractors are able to:

  • Properly prepare surfaces before painting; as an example, our painters will never apply paint on damp, wet or dirty surfaces or in areas with traces of mildew and mold;
  • Identify the best weather conditions for paint applications, which will allow paint films to harden into resilient, durable topcoats;
  • Correctly identify and eliminate problems like water leaks and condensation that can affect the durability of paint applications;
  • Recommend adequate premium quality materials and paint products, with ideal adhesion and flexibility characteristics;
  • Use specialty products, such as stain blockers, vapor barrier primers, bonding primers and mold-resistant coating systems, to prevent future coating failures.

Curb Appeal

Whether you have a large apartment building or just one rental unit, image matters more than you might think. Certain cosmetic upgrades like a sophisticated color scheme or crown molding added to interiors paired with a professionally-looking paint job can pique the interest of many prospective tenants.

Creating a good first impression and fostering a sense of confidence, high-end aesthetics will persuade more renters to contact you for additional information and even allow you to charge higher rents.


Gone are the days when the success of a paint job was solely dependent on the expertise and experience of the painter. Nowadays, professional Jacksonville apartment painters can use state-of-the-art technologies to give their customers the best quality work in every respect.

Technology has become a key component in almost everything we do at Performance Painting Contractors. We use the latest tools and technologies to:

  • provide advanced coating solutions and come up with unique color schemes that can completely transform any space, be it an office building, a hospital, a restaurant or an apartment;
  • maximize safety, productivity, performance and efficiency during all project phases, from conception to execution;
  • update information like plans and specifications in an organized and coalescent manner, based on real-time information;
  • offer accurate, fair and consistent painting estimates.

Pairing new technologies with extensive experience, unparalleled expertise and great reputation is what turned Performance Painting Contractors into a painting company whose services cannot be equaled. To learn more about how our Florida commercial painters can make your Jacksonville rental property more desirable to tenants, call us now at (904)-641-4800.

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