Industrial Tank Paint ProjectProfessional painting contractors recognize the unique qualities and limits of the coatings they work with. In the industry, the term protective coatings refer to thin layers of solid material applied to a substrate to inhibit or prevent corrosion – including the paint layer.

Industrial coatings must be applied correctly to provide desired performance. The industrial environment has many hazards, like corrosive substances and extreme temperatures, that can adversely affect improperly applied primer, paint, and finishes.

Research has shown about 50% of all corrosion costs are preventable. Of these, some 85% are in the area of coatings – so, quality coating and application are essential to cost control.

The Basic 3-Step Coating Application Process

Coatings can be applied to virtually any type of surface. In the industrial workplace, most are applied to concrete or steel. For complete, reliable coating, a 3-step process must be followed:

  • First, the primer layer is applied and, if necessary, allowed to cure
  • Then, the full coating layer (paint) is applied to the treated area
  • Finally, a sealant layer is added for additional moisture protection

No matter a project’s specific needs and constraints, virtually all industrial coating work follows this basic outline. All steps must be carefully followed based on clear quality control processes.

Consistent, quality work is the objective of any industrial painting expert. That work must also be accurate, safe, and performed at a reasonable cost to clients. To reach these goals, industrial coatings professionals seek out high-level training ineffective application.

NACE is one organization leading industrial painters look to for best practices.

NACE Provides Industry-Leading Training for Industrial Coatings Experts

NACE, the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, is a professional association launched in 1943. It is the leading corrosion control organization in the world. It also has international operations in Malaysia, China, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and more.

In the wake of World War II, engineering was professionalized in an unprecedented way. Materials engineers were part of a new push to establish excellent quality standards. This is the climate NACE was established in. It now supports 142 global membership sections.

NACE is the foremost name in industrial coating application, so it’s no surprise Performance Painting Contractors adheres to the standards set forth in its guidance.

NACE training is practical, skills-based, and safety focused. It includes comprehensive instruction and problem-solving in the following areas:

1. Workplace Safety

Safety is a vital factor in any project in an industrial setting. NACE has made a commitment to safety its top priority and integrates safety training into every aspect of the coating application. This minimizes risk not only to coatings professionals but to your own personnel when work is underway. These safety practices complement OSHA standards.

2. Surface Preparation and Protective Coatings Application

Surface preparation can be performed in a variety of ways. The coatings professional must know the qualities of the surface to be treated and how they may interact with different coatings. The application can use brushes, rollers, airbrushes, welding tools, and others. Each piece of equipment has its own advantages, limitations, and safety concerns.

3. Surface Inspection and Quality Control

Getting the work done right the first time is essential. If quality control practices aren’t followed, the client may end up with a surface that looks good but performs poorly. Proper inspection can save clients many hours and, potentially, thousands of dollars. Painters must know how to spot subtle signs of improper or uneven application and correct issues with minimal rework.

To maintain NACE certification, students must stay in good professional standing and develop their skills through ongoing education. This ensures that when you hire a trusted name like Performance Painting Contractors, everyone working on your facility is fully up-to-date.

Performance Painting Contractors Upholds NACE Standards in Coating Application

At Performance Painting Contractors, we take every aspect of our job seriously. By combining quality and safety, we have become Florida’s top industrial and commercial painting team. We have satisfied clients throughout Florida as well as other states.

All our painting contractors are employees that are held to the highest industry standards. Continuing education with NACE is just one more way we strive to exceed our industrial clients’ expectations.

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