Your business is constantly being judged by your customers from the outside in. You need to have a facility that looks completely professional. Whether you’re a retail establishment, hospitality property, or anything else, professional commercial painting in Jacksonville will help you achieve your business goals.

Even when your company’s facilities aren’t open to the public, you still benefit from professional commercial painting to ensure they look their best. Your employees, investors, and even inspectors are always aware of how your business looks, which reflects the strength of your brand.

Aesthetics aren’t just “nice to have.” They make a real impact on the morale of your personnel and the way any key stakeholders see you. Still, we understand that aesthetics are often not a major concern, depending on the nature of your business. How can you turn your business aesthetics into a true differentiator?

Let’s take a close look at how maximizing business aesthetics can impact your success.

How Often Should You Use Professional Commercial Painting to Repaint Your Business?

We recommend that most businesses completely repaint the interior and exterior every five years. For the most busy public-facing businesses, like restaurants, consider repainting once every three years. This keeps all of your paint looking fresh. It’s particularly important if your business allows smoking anywhere in the building.

Although smoking is prohibited in most Florida businesses, there are still certain exceptions. If yours is one of them, you might even want to get repainting done sooner than every three years. The most successful businesses in Florida never wait more than five years to repaint inside and out. If it’s been ten years, you’re overdue!

If you are in an industrial or manufacturing facility, be sure to look carefully at your options when you choose a professional commercial painter in Jacksonville or elsewhere. You will benefit most from a local commercial painting contractor who understands OSHA regulations and the best way to promote safety.

Things like the direction of traffic markings should be touched up regularly by a qualified painting contractor.

A Professional Commercial Painting Company is Key for Maximizing Business Aesthetics

Your choice of a commercial painting contractor in Jacksonville is one of the most vital you can make for the overall appearance of your building. Businesses that rely on foot traffic will see the greatest, most immediate benefits, but any business can reap the rewards of good commercial painting.

In fact, commercial painting in Florida can even give you operational and performance advantages. With new antimicrobial paint, for instance, you can reduce the likelihood that many common diseases will pass on from the public to your staff or between your staff members, which can reduce absenteeism.

But there’s more to a good commercial painting project than choosing the right paints.

In fact, there are three major factors that all have to come together:

  • Selecting high-quality paints that leave a great impression and have the right performance qualities.
  • Applying them in the right ways and using the right tools will give you an even and beautiful appearance.
  • Ensuring that the commercial painting project is managed effectively to reduce business disruption.

When you search online for a “commercial painting contractor near me,” don’t settle for the first one you see. Be sure that your chosen commercial painting contractor has the skills and experience to get a job done right. It’s wise to start your search with commercial painting companies that have years of expertise.

Any commercial painting contractor takes about five years to master the basics. Along the way, they may make mistakes—and you should never have to settle for being someone’s learning experience. Check out the company’s reviews and make sure they are mostly positive before you even decide to call.

Once you’ve got a shortlist of commercial painting contractors to compare, be wary of selecting the one that offers you the lowest bid. In fact, the lowest bid often reflects a lack of knowledge. Low bids might not be accurate, and you end up paying for cost overruns and delays that could be avoided at a higher investment.

Professional Commercial Painting in Florida Is Worth Every Penny

With professional commercial painting, you can enjoy greater engagement among your workforce, which leads to higher productivity. You also attract more foot traffic to your business, resulting in higher sales and deeper relationships. Even if you don’t work with the public, you can impress investors and partners more easily.

A good paint job will completely change the way you see your business. The alternative—an aging, yellowing paint job—is a burden that even the most effective company simply cannot afford to deal with. Contact Performance Painting to learn more or get started.

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