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OSHA 500 Instructor On Staff

At Performance Painting Contractors, we believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. We work to ensure that our employees are safe and adhere to all safety regulations on-and off-site. We consistently and carefully work to ensure that our employees and clients are safe, and believe that our strict guidelines will ensure work that is not only at an extremely high standard but work that is performed with safety as a number one priority.

OSHA 500 Certified Instructor
All Crew OSHA 10 Certified
OSHA 30 Certified Project Managers
NACE 3 Coatings Inspector

This internal safety program includes a medical evaluation, during which a licensed physician certifies that the employee does not have any health issues that can negatively impact him from doing the work. If it is determined that the employee has a health issue, then further medical evaluation is required. We strive to ensure that all of our employees are physically well.

In addition to the medical evaluation, all employees complete an OSHA outreach 10-hour training safety course. The employee learns how to correctly identify and label various chemical warnings, read Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s), and complete employee education and training. All of these components culminate in safety certification. This safety certification program is extensive and thorough, ensuring that the employee is able to use all equipment and chemicals correctly, according to both OSHA and company standards.

But it must be noted that simply undergoing a safety certification program is not enough. The employee must be able to process and repeat the correct safety procedures back to the supervisor. Furthermore, all employees are periodically assessed on their correct use and knowledge of safety procedures.

All Performance Painting Contractors employees are expected to correctly know and demonstrate the following procedures:

  • Ladder safety
  • Fall protection
  • Respiratory safety
  • Lead awareness
  • Hearing protection
  • Pressure washer safety
  • Airless sprayer safety
  • Heavy machinery safety
  • Cold weather safety
  • Hot weather safety

Because most of our employees work off-site at various locations, it is important that employees correctly clean up and put away all chemicals and equipment. This ensures that not only will the equipment last for years to come but that external parties will not have access to potentially dangerous chemicals and equipment.

Adhering to the correct safety OSHA-approved guidelines will ensure that the employee is safe from any potential hazards. To emphasize the seriousness of safety, any OSHA-certified employee who fails to display correct safety procedures on- and off-site can have disciplinary actions taken against them. This is not used to discourage employees but to emphasize the importance of exhibiting correct safety procedures at all times. Correct OSHA-certified safety procedures will ensure the continued good relations and health of both internal and external parties. When you work with Performance Painting Contractors, not only do you get professional, quality work but it is done in a safe manner, providing you with peace of mind.

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