What is Electrostatic Coating

If you’ve ever heard of powder coating then you already know a thing or two about electrostatic coatings. Electrostatic coating is the formal name for a wide range of products that are used in industrial coating applications that use electrostatic as the means of adhering the material to the product. Read on to learn more:

How do Electrostatic Coatings Work?

Electrostatic coatings use a multi-stage process to apply fluoropolymers to a particular metal object with the help of electricity. The item to be coated is charged using a special machine, which creates a static field on the surface. Then, a dry blend of fluoropolymers is sprayed. These tiny particles are pulled strongly into the static current, forcing them to cling to the target. A thin layer of these particles is applied evenly across the entire surface. Once the surface is completely covered with the powder, the item is sent through an oven which causes the polymers to melt and bond together. As it cools, it forms the solid, durable layer that we have come to appreciate as a powder coated surface.

Types of Electrostatic Coatings

There are many different types of electrostatic coatings on the market today. In most cases, they are differentiated by the type of polymers or dry blend material that is being used. For instance, some blends use larger particles while others use very small particles. These differences impact the way that the polymers melt and bond and the thickness of the finished coating. There are also mixed mediums that include metallics and other dry materials which are known to disrupt the adhesion process. For this reason, it is important that you thoroughly research the type of material that will be used in your coating to ensure that it will bond properly and provide long-term protection.

Benefits of Electrostatic Coatings

Electrostatic coatings offer numerous benefits over traditional paint products. First and foremost, the finish produced of the electrostatic coating is very durable, making it resistant to scratching, peeling and other damage. In addition, electrostatic coatings are very low maintenance, and typically only require periodic wipe-downs with a wet cloth to keep them looking new. No special cleaners or products are required. Electrostatic coating is also considered highly efficient because it produces very little waste. Since the particles are charged and drawn to the target using the static field, there is not a lot of excess material floating through the air, whereas regular paint produces airborne toxins and overspray that must be controlled.

Electrostatic coatings are also less labor intensive than painting because the powdered material adheres to the surface evenly in a single coat. It does not require multiple coats or drying times like paint does. This means that many products can be powder coated at once in a single pass. For large scale production, this is the best way to get products treated and ready for shipment without having to worry extensively about the quality of the finish produced.

Electrostatic coating is currently one of the most durable coating systems we have available for industrial products of all kinds. In addition, it is known for being very low maintenance and easy to keep clean. It requires special equipment to produce the necessary electric charge for the polymers to form a bond, but once this process is completed, you can count on a long-lasting finish that can be fully customized to fit any application. Electrostatic coatings are available in numerous colors, thicknesses, and finishes. For more information, contact Performance Painting today and ask about our powder coating services and products. We can answer any questions you may have about the process.

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