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Meet Your Professional Painting Team

Your Florida Painting Project Completed With Professionalism, Quality & Pride


What we do

Our professionally trained, certified and qualified teams are ready to take on your project.   From Jacksonville, FL to Tampa, FL and even the southeast United States, Performance Painting brings a level of professionalism and pride to the painting industry you can trust.  We are a different kind of painting contractor and work every day to ensure our quality, customer service and commitment to your project is met in a timely and professional manner.

  • We will start and finish on time.
  • We will maintain a neat and clean work environment.
  • We will provide a total commitment to all details.
  • We will stand behind our work.
  • We will pledge an assurance of high quality.

What to Expect

fastest-50.jpgWhen you hire us to paint your house, we understand you have children and pets and we are a guest in your home. For your protection, our crew is 100% background checked and trained to be neat, professional and polite. We respect your home and work hard to keep a neat, clean and family friendly working space. Our crew uses family friendly language and do not smoke on site. You can trust when you hire us that you will not only get quality work, but that your family is safe.

When you hire us to complete your commercial painting project, we understand that you deserve a return phone call and an estimate in a timely manner. We respect your time and will ALWAYS return calls and provide you with the information you need to get the project completed. You can trust that when you hire us that not only will we respect your time, we will help you maintain your facility for years to come.