warehouse-860916_1280Are you in charge of or own a structure that has floor joints? Do you know how essential it is for floor joints to be in top condition at all times? Industrial painting contractors know that it is much cheaper to repair a failing floor joint than it is to have to replace it entirely.

Even though the process of repairing your floor joints can be arduous, it is well worth the time and cost.

Building Value

Let’s face it, if there is anything that looks bad or that is not appropriately maintained, the value of a building can be significantly reduced. One of the ways that you can prevent this is by making sure to repair any floor joints that might be broken or worn down.

Cost Efficient

In most cases if the floor joints can be fixed versus having to be replaced, the cost isn’t too great. This is why a maintenance approach is recommended.

Fast Drying Times

The materials that are used to repair and/or fill the joints within a floor are such that they do not take an extended period to set. That means portions of the floor system will be off-limits for a shorter period of time. This is extremely important for businesses like grocery stores, processing plants, warehouses, and airports.

Healthier Environment 

If you have floor joints that are broken down, there can be many different kinds of hidden bacteria and fungus that can infiltrate in between your concrete floors. This can be extremely dangerous if you have an industrial business that handles any food products, and can lead to you being fined for unhealthy standards within your facility.


Everything always looks better when things are up to the correct standards. Not only will it show inspectors that you are compliant, but it will also show the great care you take in keeping your facility up to date. There are many instances where appearance can effect your bottom line. 

Prevents Accidents

By making sure that your expansion floor joints are adequately maintained, you can help to prevent accidents from happening.

An excellent example of this would be a forklift that is moving goods from one part of a warehouse to another. If the forklift comes to a portion of the floor where the expansion joints have been broken down or are not taken care of, it could jar the products off of the pallet that they were on, thus leaving damage and loss of revenue in its wake.

The bottom line is that maintaining the joints in your flooring system can reduce or eliminate claims, accidents, and ultimately loss of revenue. 

By now you should be able to see and understand how valuable it is to make sure that the joints within your facility are taken care of properly on an ongoing schedule. It is best to have regular inspections of all floor joints so that any problems that might develop can be addressed quickly. The earlier that you find any issues, the less work, repair, and cost it will be for your business.

If you are unsure what if your flooring system needs work, it is best to get in touch with a qualified company who can direct you.

Industrial or commercial painters know the business well and have worked with the necessary tools and products needed to repair and fill in any floor joints.

Why take the risk of trying to repair any floor joint problems yourself, when there are many professional painting contractors that can get it completed correctly for you?

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