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Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion joints are common in industrial facilities and at times will need repairing. Performance Painting Contractors have the tools, skills and experience to repair your expansion joints properly and safely.

Concrete floors are made with expansion joints and with good reason. They are provided to prevent the floor from cracking during temperature fluctuations or endure heavy loads.  The expansion joints are designed to make the floor sections flex instead of crack, but unfortunately can sometimes fail.

Once your expansion joints fail, it is important that they get repaired. Once the concrete slabs become uneven or the concrete begins to crack and chip along the joint it becomes a safety problem and hazardous to customers and staff.

Here are some of the ways Performance Painting ensures that your project will be successful:

We have the expertise to repair expansion joints no matter the level of deterioration.  

Our team would love the opportunity to evaluate your needs and put together the best possible solution.



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