Best time To Paint OfficePlanning a paint job can be a major undertaking for a facility manager or property owner. Although choosing paint colors to create an interesting and cohesive palette can be a fun and exciting experience, painting a building is often an intrusive process that may disrupt the daily routine of a business. To prevent a paint job from becoming a major disruption to daily operations, many facility managers schedule their painting projects when the buildings are vacant or when there is a lower occupancy rate.

Top Reasons to Paint When Buildings Are Empty

In many industries, repainting the interior or exterior of a building represents one of the challenges that need to be addressed promptly if a business wants to continue its steady climb upward. Although rejuvenating the aesthetic appeal of a building is a relatively simple task, scheduling a painting project when the facility is unoccupied is very important for the following reasons:

Minimizing disruption to employees and customers or guests

During holidays, off-seasons, or any other slow time when you don’t have too many guests or customers, and your employees may take some time off, hiring a team of professional commercial painters to complete the paint job you’ve planned is an excellent idea.

Another good time to paint your business is when your employees work on projects that allow them to complete their tasks from remote locations. Having your business repainted when the building is empty or when fewer employees come to work means that you don’t need to change your schedule and redirect foot traffic in order to ensure the safety of your staff and/or customers. As well, your employees, customers, or guests won’t have to navigate their way around painters and their tools.

Completing the paint job faster

Painting your business during slow times allows the painting crew to come in and do the job with minimal distraction and interruption. Since the painters don’t have to work around a fixed work schedule, which may slow them down, they can start the job earlier, stay longer, and even supplement the number of workers, if required, to expedite the painting process. All these could help you limit potential delays and cost overruns.

However, scheduling a paint job can be more difficult in a facility with constant occupancy, such as a hotel or hospital. But even in these facilities, managers have few options in order to allow the painters to get the paint job done without interruptions. For instance, they could schedule some downtime for different areas on a rotating basis, and then section off those areas to be available for painting.

Getting a high-quality paint job

Unfortunately, very few companies take advantage of holidays, off-seasons, and slow times, when some of their employees might work from home for a while, to repaint their facilities. During these down times you might be able to get a job done quicker than at other times. Like you, painting crews may also have less business during slow seasons, this allows them to focus on every phase of your painting project, from surface preparation to paint application, without rushing. The more attention is given to a painting project and the more resources are allocated for that project, the higher the quality of the paint job will be. Proper surface preparation along with a higher-quality finish will minimize the risk of paint failure, reducing the frequency of subsequent maintenance and repair activities.

Slow business time is something that every company experiences. On the bright side, a period of slow business means that you can finally focus on things that you kept postponing due to lack of time. Improving the curb appeal of your business may be one of those things.

Although painting your building might seem like a difficult endeavor that you would rather want to ignore than deal with it, if you schedule your painting project when business is slow and the building is almost empty, the paint job could be completed sooner than expected, without creating inconvenience for your employees and customers or guests. What’s more, cleaning staff could clean all the areas before your employees return to work. The only things they will probably notice are the new color palette, fresh smell, and improved indoor air quality.

Whether you choose to repaint your building when it’s empty or occupied, Performance Painting Contractors is here to help. Our professional painters have years of experience that allow them to complete any paint job in a professional manner, with minimum disruption, and achieve the best possible results even when they need to work around a fixed schedule. To get started on your painting project, feel free to contact us for a free painting estimate.


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