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Back in 1987, the ATSDR had developed a program to improve the health of Floridians by reducing the exposure to dangerous substances.

Now, 30 years later, new studies confirm that we’re still exposed to small amounts of toxic substances which can be harmful to human health and the environment. Two potential hazards that can be found in commercial buildings in Tampa, FL, are lead-based paint and mold.

Since lead was extensively used until a few decades ago, it may still be found in older buildings. On the other hand, mold has always been present in the environment and can be found in many buildings, including newly constructed commercial facilities, especially in areas characterized by excessive humidity.

One way to maintain a safe environment for your staff and customers is to ensure that your Tampa business is free from lead and mold. To help, our Tampa painters reveal below the best approach to lead abatement and mold remediation.


In a commercial building, deteriorating lead-based paint is the most common source of lead exposure. The easiest way to determine if your commercial building contains lead-based paint or lead-contaminated dust is to have an inspection performed by lead-safe certified commercial paint contractors.

Our lead-safe certified Tampa painters, for instance, can test different surfaces for lead-based paint. If any traces of lead are found, our professionals are able to complete the renovation work effectively and safely, according to OSHA’s lead-safe work practices.

As an example, our commercial Tampa painters opt for two special techniques to minimize the release of lead-contaminated dust and debris:

  • Chemical Stripping – Both OSHA and EPA list the use of chemical paint strippers as one of the safest and most effective ways to remove lead-based paint.

    But even though this method eliminates airborne lead concentrations, paint stripping is one of the hazards that affect public health and the environment, according to the EPA.

    To reduce toxic air pollutants, professional Tampa painters use eco-friendly paint strippers. Although these products might take longer to do the job, they’re non-toxic and biodegradable.

  • Abrasive Blasting – Conventional abrasive blasting methods that are often used to remove lead-based paint can generate particles of lead that pose serious health risks.

    To minimize potential hazards, lead-certified Tampa painters use specialized equipment, such as dustless needle-gun systems.

    Compared to conventional abrasive blasting, needle-gun systems reduce the quantity of lead-contaminated dust by 97.5%, minimizing the requirements for containment, worker protection and hazardous waste disposal.


Because mold can negatively affect health, indoor mold growth is very dangerous in a commercial facility. To stop mold growth, adequate remedial measures should be taken at the first signs of contamination.

The first step is to call in commercial Tampa painters to perform a mold assessment. Once the professionals identify all the sources of mold, whether they’re visible or hidden, they’ll implement the necessary remedial actions, according to industry guidelines.

Mold remediation is an evolving industry. As more information becomes available and new procedures are being developed, the owners and managers of commercial buildings should continue to educate themselves about the latest standards.

Additionally, they should always hire reputable commercial painting contractors who are well versed in mold removal and remediation practices.

If you’re looking for more information on lead abatement and mold remediation in commercial buildings in Tampa or adjacent locations in FL, we invite you to call (813)-308-0388 in order to get in touch with our experienced Tampa painters.

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