A safety culture in the workplace is much more than a collection of procedures and policies that ensure compliance with OSHA’s regulations and standards. Shared beliefs, practices and attitudes are of paramount importance when trying to develop a health and safety culture in the real sense of the word.

As our painters typically work at a variety of workplaces and face different hazards on a daily basis, we’ve developed a comprehensive health and safety program to address all the risks that may lurk around work areas. Our program involves complete training as well as careful planning and consideration to the materials and techniques specified for each paint job, according to OSHA’s standards and our internal painting safety procedures.

Our Approach to Health and Safety

Performance Painting Contractors regards health and safety as an integral part of business success. Thus, performance on each paint job is evaluated in relation to our safety precautions and OSHA’s health and safety guidelines, which define the absolute minimum standards acceptable.

By implementing health and safety management best practices, our ultimate goal is to achieve zero accidents and work-related illness, and also minimize the environmental effects of paint jobs. In short, our painting safety procedures include:

  • Provision of PPE, such as respirators, eye protection, hearing protection and protective clothing;
  • Provision and maintenance of safety-approved equipment, like ladders, scaffolding, fall protection;
  • Site inspections to ensure full compliance with health and safety precautions;
  • Use of low- and no-VOC paint, and other eco-friendly materials, where appropriate;
  • Safe handling, use, storage and disposal of paints, solvents, waste chemicals and other hazardous substances, including asbestos and lead;
  • Ongoing education on injury and illness prevention.

In addition to having a comprehensive health and safety program in place, our certified supervisors monitor, coordinate and manage daily painting activities. They also continuously train and provide safety information to workers, making sure that all paint crews follow the most stringent painting safety procedures. Adequate on-site supervision has allowed us to raise employee awareness about occupational health and safety and, more importantly, promote a positive safety culture in our organization.

As OSHA’s standards are fairly complex, the painting safety procedures included in our program are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure full compliance with the latest regulations.

As well, our open door policy encourages employees to contribute to our health and safety program. Besides paying particular attention to the risks inherent in paint jobs, raising health and safety concerns and reporting potential hazards, our painting contractors feel free to come out and suggest actions that can help improve the effectiveness of our program and ensure job completion in a safe and efficient manner.

Performance Painting Contractors is committed to providing a safe environment for all of our employees, customers and the public, irrespective of the purpose, size and complexity of a painting project. It is for this reason we maintain firm safety standards that follow federal, state and local guidelines, and make sure that all painters are competent and fully trained.

Promoting health and safety procedures as well as industry-specific expertise in all areas of our work, we can ensure everyone’s safety and project success. To find out more about our health and safety culture and the difference it can make in your painting project, please contact Performance Painting Contractors today!

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