Removing wallpaper from bathroom walls can be a difficult, messy, time-consuming task. Evidently, we won’t blame you if you choose to focus on wallpaper removal techniques instead of the colors you’ll use to paint your walls afterwards. Though learning how to remove wallpaper and prepare your walls for painting is very important for a perfect paint job, we’ve decided to discuss a different topic, namely how to trick your eyes into seeing your bathroom bigger than it actually is.

As surprising as it may seem, you can make your bathroom look huge without knocking down your walls. The only thing you need to do is to choose certain colors, as recommended by experts. A few options you may want to consider are:

  • High-gloss white – High-gloss white paint can make a small room look larger and more airy. Reflecting light, this paint will add more depth to your space by simply making your walls appear further away. White paint also works well as a background color in combination with sea shades, such as blue, sea-foam green, and turquoise. Since white paint tends to emphasize wall defects, preparing walls properly after Bigger Bathroom with yellow paintremoving wallpaper is essential to achieve professional results.  
  • Light beige – Light beige is a wonderful color choice for a small bathroom, particularly when paired with beautiful tan marble. This hue has a unique way of taking on the color of the light, “playing” with it to fool people’s eyes and make them believe that rooms are a lot bigger.
  • Light gray – Fresh, clean, and versatile, light gray catches other colors and changes depending on the light, making your bathroom look not only larger but also more “alive” than ever. Bringing along the brightness of the sky, light grey can be paired with any color, including blue, green, yellow, and red.
  • Sweet” pastels – If you’ve already decided to use a pale pastel to decorate your bathroom after removing wallpaper, allow us to congratulate you. Pastels are a great choice for any room, including a small bathroom. Painting your bathroom the perfect shade of light blue, for instance, will allow you to “bring” the sky and the ocean into your home.

But using a light, soft tint isn’t the only answer. Darker hues, such as Mediterranean blue, emerald green, and medium grey, can make any bathroom look bigger as long as the same tone is used across the entire space.

Here are a few more tips on how to make a bathroom appear larger after removing wallpaper.

  • Choose a uniform color palette. Selecting different colors or tones for your floor, walls, ceiling, and furniture will delineate the space, making it seem smaller. Instead, go for a more uniform color palette and use other elements (e.g. rugs, towels, light fixtures, etc.) to add a splash of color.
  • Install tiles in the shower/bathing area up to the ceiling. Choosing tiles and grout in the same color as that of your walls will help reduce the number of planes and transitions in your bathroom. Since there will be no contrasting colors to divide the space, your bathroom will seem a lot bigger.
  • Use clear glass. Undoubtedly, installing textured glass room dividers in your bathroom will give you more privacy. But these dividers also add undesirable visual barriers that will make the space look smaller.

Are you looking for more tips on how to make your bathroom look huge and feel more like a spa? We invite you to contact our friendly professionals at Performance Painting. Since 2001, we’ve been providing a wide variety of customizable, high-performance paint systems that deliver unrivaled results.


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