Whether you’ve just purchased a “used” or a brand-new home, you probably want to put your personal stamp on it. From rethinking certain rooms to installing or replacing existing elements like floor coverings, fixtures, doors, crown molding and trim, there are endless ways to personalize your home. However, painting it is by far the quickest, easiest and least expensive way to make your new home truly yours.

Personalize_Your_Home_with_Paint.pngThe really good news is that you can use paint to transform more than just the walls. Thanks to the variety of coating products available today, you can paint pretty much everything, including stucco, drywall, brick, concrete, wood, metal and vinyl. The following are some practical ideas on how to personalize your home with paint.

Since you’re looking for a color scheme that reflects your personality, you should definitely go for the colors you love most. Whether you feel great in rooms dominated by a single hue or you like color palettes that bring together different shades, you can use advanced paint color apps to take the guesswork out of finding the right color combination. If you’re looking for personalized advice from pros, our Jacksonville painting contractors can help you reach your color nirvana and create a stylish color scheme.

Gone are the days of plain white ceilings or ceilings painted the same color as the walls. Though adding a different color to the ceiling isn’t necessarily a new fad, Mr. Ceiling can now wear a matte or high-gloss charcoal, navy, burgundy or black “coat” that will make your interior look more luxurious.

Painting the floor is another wonderful way to personalize your home and add more visual interest. If you have solid-wood flooring, you can use:
– wood sealers to protect the wood and enhance its natural grain and color;
– penetrating or film-forming stains to alter the appearance of the wood by giving it a brownish or reddish tint;
– paint to create a more harmonious color flow throughout your home.

Molding, trim and doors
Prior to selecting a color palette for your walls, always factor in the texture, color and sheen level of your crown molding, doors, window and door frames. One important aspect to bear in mind is that you don’t need a bold color palette in order to turn a plain, dull home into a stunning masterpiece. Adding certain decorative features like dentil molding, gingerbread trim, brackets and/or columns with intricate details can make your home stand out. To lend a truly special character to your space, consider painting all the nooks and crannies a darker shade and high-relief details a lighter tint.

Painting the stairway a different color is another innovative idea to personalize your home. While a pale neutral can make your stairway look great against an accent wall, a stairway painted a bold color against a white wall could create a more noticeable contrast and give your stairway the attention it deserves. If your stairway has worn-out elements like treads or handrail with peeling paint, professionally applied paint provides a more durable and economical solution compared to replacing these components.

Newly painted or stained cabinets as well as other furniture pieces can add a touch of sophistication to any home. If you also have a kitchen island or a special piece of furniture, consider painting it a bold hue to set it apart from the rest of the room. In addition, certain painting and distressing techniques can help you transform ordinary furniture pieces into gorgeous antiques and create a cozy cottage-style interior.

If you’re thinking of adding a touch of personalization to your home but you’re not ready to undertake a complex project, feel free to hand over all the hard work involved in choosing colors and executing a perfect paint job to Performance Painting Contractors. Having the knowledge, skill level and experience to produce immaculate results and make any dream home come alive, our painting contractors are ready to serve customers in Jacksonville, Tampa and neighboring locations. To inquire about our services or request a free painting estimate, please call our customer service team today at (904)-641-4800 or at (813)-308-0388.

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