When John, the owner of a small auto repair shop here in Jacksonville, FL, decided it was time to paint his business, he had two options: complete the job himself or hire a team of professional painters.

Being aware that most people use the exterior appearance of commercial properties as a criterion when choosing certain businesses over others, he decided to enlist the services of a professional painting contractor. Guess what! It was the best decision he could make.

painting your business-464974-edited.pngAt Performance Painting Contractors, we know how easy it is to become oblivious to the  conditionof your commercial property. But it’s time to take a step back and look around. If you’ve just noticed fading paint colors, dirty or stained walls, peeling paint, cracks in the driveway, shabby, worn-out looking lawn or other things you’re not proud of, don’t forget that your customers also see these every time they visit your business.

The good news is that a professional paint job can give your company a new face and a fresh start. Hiring a dedicated team of painters specializing in commercial painting can help you reap major rewards in several areas of your business.

First Impressions
One thing is for sure: the exterior of a business always influences the first impression of customers along with their overall experience. Giving your business a boost with a fresh coat of paint every now and then can help you create a great first impression. This, in turn, will drive random customers to your door and even convince them to try your products or services. An eye-catching business exterior attracting walk-in customers can easily become a steady and vital source of income for any local company. What’s more, painting your business regularly will give your current clientele something new to admire on occasion.

But painting the interior of your commercial space also comes into the equation. When customers enter your business, they expect a certain experience, particularly if your exterior looks great. So, make sure you don’t fall short of expectations, or you risk disappointing your customers. Providing a coherent customer experience is one of the reasons why successful businesses in Florida invest heavily in professional commercial painting, interior decorating and landscaping.

Competitive Edge
When a business owner lets a commercial space fall into decay, the customers and competitors may assume that it is only a matter of time before the company goes out of business. Obviously, the company’s customers, revenues and profits will be whittled away by the competition.

If your business looks a little bit run-down, it’s relatively easy to turn things around. Improving the exterior of your commercial property will tell people that you’re a professional and deserve their consideration. Also, painting your business at regular intervals makes it clear that you’re not going anywhere. This will allow you to build trust and credibility with your customers.

Employee Morale and Efficiency
As unlikely as it may seem, a clean, well-maintained workplace can keep the morale of your employees high. An interesting aspect is that high employee morale has been correlated with better productivity, retention and turnover rates. All these can result in hefty savings for your company.

Since your employees can also make your company run smoothly, you want to keep them happy. Painting your business at the first signs of deterioration and choosing the right colors can help you boost their morale, which will have a positive impact on the overall productivity.

Relying on the appearance of your commercial property to gain and retain customers is a great marketing strategy. But to get to this, you need a team of dedicated commercial painters who have the knowledge and skill level to take your business’s curb appeal to the next level. Whether you’re in need of a basic paint job or you’re looking for something different, exciting and unique, Performance Painting Contractors can help you make your vision a reality. To find out how our painting solutions can become the answer to your business problems, feel free to contact our customer service teams in Jacksonville or Tampa, FL.

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