Yes, it’s still winter-Florida style that is. But spring will be here before you know it. Thus, it’s time to look at some practical and easy tips for cleaning and maintaining your Tampa restaurant deck. By simply following the tips below, you can enjoy a great-looking deck for longer.

First Things First: Sweep and Wash Your Deck
Sweeping is the easiest way to get rid of loose dirt and debris. After sweeping the deck, you can remove any debris and dust caught between the boards with a putty knife. But just eliminating the dust, dirt and debris isn’t enough to maintain the beauty of your Tampa restaurant deck. Since an unwashed deck can cause mold and rot to grow, thoroughly washing it is an important deck maintenance task.Tampa-Restaurant-Deck.jpg

To wash your Tampa restaurant deck, you can use a pressure washer or a regular garden hose (preferably if your deck is in poor condition) and a deck cleaner or clean water. If you opt for a cleaning solution, make sure it’s specifically formulated for cleaning decks before you apply it.

Some cleaners contain harsh chemicals. Thus, it’s critical to read the label and let the product work into the surface of the wood deck for the amount of time recommended by the manufacturer. If your deck shows any signs of mildew, mold or algae accumulations, which are quite common in Florida, pre-treat the areas with appropriate chemicals before washing the deck. Then, rinse thoroughly with clean water.

Refinish the Deck
If your Tampa restaurant deck looks dull and unattractive, it may be time for a refinishing job. To achieve perfect results, allow your deck to dry completely before attempting to prepare the surface, perform any repairs necessary and apply a refinishing product.

There is a wide variety of deck coating systems you can use to protect your deck from the elements. Whether you select a sealer, tinted stain or acrylic deck coating, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly.

Develop and Implement a Deck Maintenance Schedule
After cleaning and refinishing your Tampa restaurant deck, it’s important to come up with a schedule for routine maintenance. As your restaurant deck is exposed not only to the elements but also to intense foot traffic, sweep it once a week and pressure wash it at least once a year. Also, expect to reapply finishing products annually.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to forestall repairs, protect your investment, improve the curb appeal of your business and boost the enjoyment factor.

Washing and refinishing a deck can be a fairly simple DIY project. However, having your Tampa restaurant deck professionally cleaned and sealed every few years is essential to its longevity. Though you might need to pay extra, a professional job will always pay for itself, particularly in terms of performance and durability.

If you’re looking for a deck restoration service in Tampa, FL, Performance Painting Contractors can help you give your deck a facelift, so that you can offer your customers a more attractive outdoor setting for unforgettable experiences. For professional deck restoration work that you’ll be proud of or for any other painting project that involves different surfaces, ranging from wood, metal and concrete to plaster, stucco, brick and drywall, please get in touch with our Tampa painting contractors today by calling (813)-308-0388.

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