Signature Flight ProjectMany organizations put off their commercial painting projects this past March. Now, with some workplaces starting to return to daily use, it’s important to review those plans.

Most industrial and commercial workplaces will operate at reduced capacity for the foreseeable future. Some personnel may continue telecommuting for months to come. For those needed on site, shifts may be staggered. Personal protective equipment will be more vital than ever.

Reducing the volume of people around the office is the key. That’s especially true in workplaces with lots of narrow, enclosed spaces that could present hazards. While many of the practices now in use can be disruptive to workplace efficiency, there is at least one advantage.

Now is the best time to get your commercial or industrial painting done.

Why Now is the Perfect Time for Your Business Painting Project

Businesses frequently go a decade or more between major paint jobs. The longer you wait, the more extensive the work becomes. In industrial environments where painting is a key part of performance, coating and application must be flawless. Your key equipment may depend on it.

Those standards are time-consuming to uphold in an environment that’s being used to its full capacity. In this unusual time, even complex projects become easier. It is striking just how much you can streamline your painting project if you take action now.

Here’s why a paint job will be much easier in May and June:

1. Lower Employee Volume Means Fewer Disruptions

Painting projects must always take the needs of a business into account. That means avoiding areas where work is being performed, ensuring that needs for electric and water won’t disrupt operations, and – potentially – rerouting foot traffic to avoid certain areas.

All these issues are overseen by your painting project manager. Even when they are handled brilliantly, however, they add time to your project. Plus, it’s often a communications challenge keeping all employees aware of when they might be affected.

A project you undertake today will be much simpler. If your on-site workforce has been cut by 30% or more, you should definitely consider getting in contact with a commercial painting team.

2. Your Painting Contractors Can Get Finished Faster

Before a project begins, painting contractors have to become familiar with the site.

This means checking out the best entrance and exit paths for areas to be worked on. It also includes becoming familiar with amenities, such as water hookups, that might be used.

At various stages of the project, special equipment might be brought in or dumpsters set up for debris removal. All these matters depend on easy access to different areas of the facility.

Less foot traffic means painting personnel can move from place to place more readily. Even if you have a very large area to coat, it will get done quicker. This can cut several days off your painting project. Unexpected delays are even less likely than they would normally be.

3. Reduced Safety Hazards Related to Your Painting

Maintaining the safety of your personnel during the project is a top priority for a good commercial painter. From headaches to slip and fall accidents, any hazard must be planned for.

Before the first brushstroke, a painting team evaluates the level of ventilation in areas to be worked. In many cases, normal patterns of foot traffic must be modified so your staff won’t walk directly through an area in progress. This keeps people away from ladders and other sensitive equipment.

It’s as true now as ever: Fewer personnel translates to a much lower risk of accidents.

Sometimes, organizations put off painting projects because they are concerned about knock-on safety effects and the possibility of injury. A professional painting contractor with real OSHA expertise makes those outcomes rare, but they are even less likely today.

4. Fewer Concerns About Public Safety or Inconvenience Related to Your Painting

One reason it’s often difficult for organizations to schedule their painting is the ordinary movement of customers and other visitors.

These days, when customers are mindful about where they go and how they use space, there’ll often be times where no members of the public are around.

Naturally, your contractor should also abide by all social distancing and other safety rules. It is often necessary for contractors to work in teams, so doing your project when few customers are around makes good sense.

People will also feel more confident about visiting you in the future.

Now is the Time to Put in a Call to a Commercial Painting Contractor

In an era when many business plans are falling by the wayside, now is the time to get your painting work taken care of. Painting can extend the longevity of your surfaces, improve their performance, and raise morale at a time when it is badly needed.

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