In Jacksonville’s hot, humid and salty marine environment, industrial structures can be affected by different types of corrosion. Whether we refer to rust or electrochemical reactions, such as galvanic corrosion and crevice corrosion, only a team of experienced painting contractors can expertly address industrial paint problems and prevent their recurrence.

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Industrial equipment is extremely expensive. To get a durable finish that can guard your equipment against harsh environmental factors, chemicals and ordinary wear and tear, it behooves you to find the best available industrial painting services in Jacksonville FL.

Here are three essential factors our industrial painting contractors suggest that you consider prior to selecting a painting company.

Specialized Consulting

To guarantee the cost effectiveness of industrial painting projects, careful attention must be paid to materials, preparation, execution and adherence to industry standards.

To begin with, professional industrial painting contractors should be able to provide relevant and practical advice on the most suitable specialty coating systems for each industrial paint job.

But before recommending certain types of protective coatings, professionals must also evaluate the susceptibility of each piece of equipment or structure to different environmental factors and site-specific stressors. This is important given that a wide variety of factors can cause coating systems to fail prematurely.

To deliver high-quality, long-lasting results, our OSHA-certified professionals conduct an accurate assessment of existing coating systems, substrates and ambient conditions. As a result, they’re able to select the most adequate specialty paints along with advanced substrate preparation and coating application techniques.

What’s more, our professional contractors can deliver both a protective and a decorative finish. This will help you transform the look of your equipment pieces and structures from cold and industrial to warm and inviting.


In general, the selection of coating materials determines the periodic maintenance operations an industrial facility must implement.

For a comprehensive program, painting contractors who offer industrial painting services in Jacksonville FL should come up with an adequate plan for proper quality assurance and quality control during and right after the application of coating systems.

Additionally, they should provide professional advice on supplementary measures that can help extend the service life of coating systems and industrial equipment beyond the initial estimates.
At Performance Painting Contractors, for instance, our work doesn’t end with the application of the topcoat. Upon request, our experienced industrial painters can continue all the way through regular inspections and scheduled maintenance. As a result, our industrial customers can benefit from a complete paint maintenance program.

New Efficiencies

Managing industrial painting projects is more difficult than tackling any other paint job. From establishing your painting budget to coordinating with vendors and scheduling operations, the list is seemingly endless.

However, industrial painting contractors are able to create a strategic plan for your business so that you can bring your project to a successful conclusion, while identifying unexpected efficiencies down the road.

For instance, detecting coating failure early, using compatible products, implementing proper repair measures and investing in advanced coating systems will allow you to repaint your structures less often. This, in turn, will lead to hefty savings in the long run.

Serving residential, commercial and industrial customers since 2001, Performance Painting Contractors has become one of the leading painting companies in Northeastern and Central Florida.

As industrial painting contractors, we specialize in the application of a wide variety of coating systems to different structures, ranging from manufacturing buildings, steel structures and specialty equipment to flooring, piping systems and silos. To find out how our comprehensive industrial painting services can save you a lot of time and stress, contact Performance Painting Contractors today!

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