Picking_the_right_paint_color_for_a_small_kitchen.jpgWhen it comes to kitchen design, the right paint color choice can create a pleasant ambiance that will make you not only enjoy cooking and eating but also savor the time you spend with your loved ones. What’s more, the right color palette can dramatically alter your perception of space, making a small kitchen area look huge and feel more inviting.

To help your achieve your kitchen design goals, below are several tried-and-true tips that explain how you can create the illusion of spaciousness with the right paint colors and sheen.

Define your kitchen with light colors.
Though interior designers have mixed feelings about using pastels to decorate kitchens, white, cream, light yellow, soft orange or pale olive color schemes are especially beneficial for a cramped kitchen because they can make it look lager and more airy. If you wish to highlight your kitchen design, a great idea would be to combine dark-stained wood floors and furniture with an off-white color palette embellished with soft orange, terracotta or light olive accents.

You can also choose the new ivory, which is perfect for small kitchens. Containing white with a hint of grey-green, the new ivory will brighten up your kitchen while providing that visual simplicity, uniformity and crispness you need to create the impression of more space. For variety, you can bring in one complementary shade like grey, green or cream, which will add more depth and sophistication to the room. Besides the right color choice, you can make your kitchen appear larger by keeping all the other elements, including the curtains, seat cushions, tablecloth, etc., in the same color family. If you’re planning on adding a backsplash, glass or metallic tiles will increase the light in the kitchen, making it feel bigger.

New neutrals and modern designs could help.
New neutrals, complimenting hues and nature-inspired wall murals are on trend this year. Rather than painting your kitchen walls a boring neutral and decking it out in an intricate geometric pattern, professionals suggest using new, interesting neutrals like grey or beige with yellow, orange or green undertones in combination with nature-inspired murals. In a small kitchen, decorating just one wall will create an eye-catching focal point and the illusion of ample space. To make your small kitchen look less cramped, cluttered and uncomfortable to work in, remember not to overwhelm it with a large, bold mural.

Choose a semi-gloss or gloss finish.
When it comes to picking the right paint color choice for a small kitchen, semi-gloss or gloss finishes are your best allies. Not only do these finishes are more durable and withstand cleaning much better than flat and satin paint but they also bounce light around the room, giving a feeling of spaciousness. For instance, a semi-gloss off-white, cream or other unobtrusive paint color will reflect light in dazzling ways, reducing or eliminating the visual barriers suggested by the inside corners of walls. To make your small kitchen appear even more spacious, paint your walls, trim and ceiling the same color.

In conclusion, making a small room look larger is all about implementing some relatively simple visual tricks. However, if you’re not sure what paint color choice can make your small kitchen look larger, we invite you to contact one of our color consultants. At Performance Painting, our residential painting experts are able to come up with various paint color combinations that will perfectly complement the color schemes in the other rooms along with finishes, fabrics and furniture to create a well-balanced and harmonious interior design concept.

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