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A healthcare painting project involves unique challenges that simply don’t exist in regular commercial paint jobs. Whether we refer to hospitals, medical complexes, small clinics or doctors’ offices, painting a medical facility requires a great deal of knowledge, skills and strategic thinking.

But one important question is: “How can the manager of a medical facility successfully plan and execute a complex healthcare painting project?” To get the answer you’re looking for, we invite you to read on for a few essential tips.

  • Ensure that the Jacksonville painting contractors have the expertise and experience necessary to complete the job.
    Whether you need routine paint maintenance or complete renovation work, professional Jacksonville painting contractors must be able to indicate the best way to approach your project. This is something our experienced professionals can easily do.

    In addition to helping you preserve the integrity of the whole building, our painters and technicians can identify problem areas, such as places where invasive bacteria might be harboring; make the repairs required and apply the right coating systems to ensure a sterile environment; and execute paint jobs that meet building codes and insurance requirements.

  • Choose a contractor who also provides professional consulting.
    Sterility is critical in hospital environments. Therefore, consulting with experienced painting professionals on the best practices for ensuring a safe and clean environment during the execution of a paint job is critical.

    Keeping working areas clean and safe at all times, preventing debris from escaping the workspace, and protecting medical devices, equipment and furnishings have long been some areas of expertise for our Jacksonville Painting Contractors.

    But another major challenge of painting a healthcare facility is scheduling work to avoid conflicting daily operations. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about this aspect if you hire our professional painters.

    As a leading commercial painting company in Northeastern and Central Florida, we offer the least disruptive painting services and can even schedule work during your facility’s downtime, including nights and weekends. Work that doesn’t interfere with your daily routines translates into less disruption and inconvenience for everyone involved.

  • Inquire about paint products and materials.
    A hospital consists of multiple units, ranging from consultation rooms, laboratories and surgical areas to physician offices and cafeterias. The Jacksonville painting contractors you intend to hire must be able to recommend the safest and most durable coating systems for each area of your facility.

    The premium materials and products we rely on to complete hospital painting projects meet both the needs of various medical facilities and the standards specifically developed for healthcare settings.

    For instance, the antimicrobial coating systems, no-VOC or low-VOC products, and eco-friendly paint selections we use can help minimize air pollutants and toxic substances, while controlling microorganism growth in humid environments and withstanding impact and abrasion.

There is a reason why our Jacksonville painting contractors have become the go-to guys for healthcare painting projects: We have a deep understanding of large-scale painting projects. In addition, we have developed a series of operational protocols that allow us to deliver the best possible results.

If we add our unwavering work ethic and moral responsibility, it becomes even more obvious why Performance Painting Contractors is particularly suited to meet the painting needs of any healthcare facility. For effective project planning and execution, feel free to call us now at (904)-641-4800 or (813)-308-0388.

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