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If you own or manage an industrial facility, the last thing you want to do is hire the wrong contractor for your industrial painting project. Aside from the obvious fact that an inexperienced or unreliable contractor might not take your project seriously, he could lack the practical skills, technical expertise, equipment, and staff required to handle a complex project. All these could lead to delays, cost overruns, and even workplace accidents that may attract negative attention to your company.

In order to avoid these problems and complete your project on time and on budget, it’s imperative that you enlist the services of a reputable industrial painting contractor with many years of experience in the industry, such as Performance Painting Contractors.

All of our customers benefit not only from our extensive experience but also from the helpful information we make available for their industrial painting projects, such as:

Details That Will Make the Difference between a Poor and a High-Quality Paint Job

Our professionals have a thorough understanding of different industrial coatings, surface prep, and application techniques. As a result, they can recommend the most appropriate materials, prep, and application methods for each industrial project, whether it involves painting metal or concrete structures, equipment, or an entire industrial facility.

As an example, pressure washing, abrasive blasting, water blasting, and mechanical processes, like recyclable and dust-free methods, are several techniques our industrial painters use in order to prepare surfaces in need of painting. Depending on each project, these surface prep methods can be used to remove flaking paint, rust and corrosion, without damaging the substrate.

The Most Cost-Effective and Appropriate Coating Solutions for Each Project

Our painters select the right industrial coatings based on the specifications of each project and apply them according to the manufacturers’ instructions. The most commonly used coating systems in industrial painting projects include polyurethane finishes, epoxy finishes, and low-VOC acrylic paints, which are typically applied by air-spraying, airless spraying, powder coating, flow coating, or roller coating, as appropriate.

Safety Measures that Ensure the Successful Completion of Industrial Projects

As a company that values safe practices, Performance Painting Contractors has a solid safety culture that focuses on the health and safety of our employees and customers alike. From the “top floor” to the jobsite, we effectively address all the hazards associated with different painting operations and consider the potential safety issues that might arise during upcoming paint jobs.

To ensure full compliance with OSHA’s occupational health and safety standards and other applicable rules and regulations, we invest the time, energy and resources necessary in on-site supervision. Our dedicated staff also keeps up with new safety regulations and additional training opportunities that enable our painters to complete the work safely and on time. Our certified site supervisors are also responsible for ensuring the implementation and follow-up of site-specific safety programs. To ensure the best results, they conduct site-specific safety training at the beginning of each project and regular safety inspections throughout the job.

How Our Industrial Painters Will Tackle Your Project, from Start to Finish

The loyal, hard-working employees at Performance Painting Contractors take each project seriously. To ensure quality that lasts, our industrial painters use the most suitable surface prep techniques, coating systems and application methods for each type of substrate, according to its condition. Any surrounding elements that don’t require painting are masked off to protect them from paint splatter and potential damage. Additionally, our industrial painters often combine conventional brush and roller techniques with spray painting operations in order to achieve the best results possible, particularly when painting high-rise exteriors, 3D surfaces and places that are difficult to access.

From storage tanks to manufacturing plants, no industrial painting project is too complex or difficult for Performance Painting Contractors. Our highly skilled and experienced painters are qualified and certified in all aspects of industrial painting, which range from using specialty equipment and materials to implementing our health and safety program, according to industry standards. Furthermore, our painting crews can work nights and weekends to accommodate your business needs and minimize disruption to your daily operations as much as possible. To get in touch with a team of experienced painters that is ready to take on your next industrial painting project, call us today at (904)-641-4800 or (813)-308-0388.

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