Many business professionals view painting as one of the easiest tasks associated with designing a business space. Although painting a company is a relatively simple and straightforward process, many things can go wrong.

When it comes to the challenges you might face when painting your business, it’s important to painting your business.jpgfocus on the whole experience, and not only on the end result.

In this article, we’re not going to talk about specific paint failures which are often the result of poor wall preparation and paint application techniques, but about unexpected “headaches” you might not even think of before you start painting your business.

Painting Is an Intrusive Process
Painting your business basically means disrupting your daily operations. But with some planning, work can be scheduled during times when it causes minimal disruption to both your employees and customers.

Scheduling each day’s tasks can help you set a timetable for limited access to specific areas of the building, better organize your in-house operations and decide which activities you should expedite or outsource, where applicable. Since repairing and repainting your business may generate excessive noise and pose possible safety hazards, the best time to paint your company is during the off-season or after hours. If you can’t paint your business after hours, you should find a painting company that can, like Performance Painting Contractors.

Shortage of Skilled Workers
Shortage of skilled tradesmen is a big problem nowadays. Many people who call themselves “painters” don’t have enough knowledge, skills and experience to deliver a flawless paint job.

Prior to hiring a Florida painting contractor for your next commercial painting project, it’s advisable to ask him the right questions, verify his license and insurance, read online reviews and look for the warning signs of a bad commercial painting contractor. Also, make sure that you get a written contract that specifies all the details of the paint job, as previously agreed upon.

Lack of Oversight
Effective monitoring is a key component of a successful commercial painting project. To enjoy a trouble-free, high-quality and long-lasting paint job, consider hiring a team of reputable painting contractors with a supervisor on site. An experienced supervisor will:

  • provide ongoing guidance to workers;
  • ensure that manufacturers’ specifications are strictly adhered to for proper adhesion and longevity of paint systems;
  • recommend the necessary corrections when required;
  • determine the amount of work performed and adjust the next day’s work schedule accordingly;
  • inspect each crew member’s work for quality;
  • ensure that work areas are properly cleaned at the end of the day;
  • perform a final inspection at the conclusion of the commercial painting project.

Project Delays
Project delays represent a major problem you should worry about when painting your business. Project delays can result in cost overruns, disputes and prolonged downtime, which may have a negative impact on your company. To avoid all these, it’s critical that you hire professional Florida painting contractors who know how to handle any problems that may occur when painting your business to get your paint job right the first time.

Inaccurate Painting Estimates
When requesting a painting estimate, ask the contractor exactly what’s included. Additional or detail work, such as repairing extensive damage or painting intricate trim, can result in a higher overall cost than the estimate initially provided.

As one of the best choices in residential, commercial and industrial painting, Performance Painting Contractors understands the importance of making your business look its best with the least disruption to your staff and customers. And because you need a person who can offer you the right answers when certain painting-related problems must be solved, feel free to contact our Florida painting contractors today to find out how we can meet your unique painting needs!

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