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If you’re running a small business in Tampa, Jacksonville, FL, or other location in close proximity, a DIY exterior painting project may seem like a good idea especially if you want to cut costs. But when it comes to commercial exterior painting, trying to save some money can actually cost you more down the road.

Before you get everything you need for your painting project, let’s go through some reasons why you should always hire professional painting contractors to paint your business.

Commercial Exterior Painting Is More than Just Cosmetic

An exterior paint job isn’t just an aesthetic enhancement. The right coating system applied to exterior surfaces provides an impervious barrier that protects the entire building against the damaging effects of local weather conditions across Florida. But to effectively protect your building components, it’s crucial that you select the right materials, prep work and application techniques for your commercial painting project.

Choosing the wrong materials or failing to prepare surfaces correctly will affect the overall look as well as the quality and durability of the paint job. What’s worse, the deterioration that occurred prior to repairing and repainting your exterior could lead to extensive damage by the time you observe any signs of deterioration in the new paint film.

Although a DIY paint job can save you several hundred dollars, fixing extensive damage and repainting the exterior later on will cost you far more money than hiring a team of professionals to do the job in the first place.

Since commercial exterior painting requires plenty of knowledge, skills, training and experience in areas you might not even think of, commercial painting contractors are regarded as professionals for a good reason.

More Hands Can Speed Up Project Completion

Commercial exterior painting often involves complexities of scale that can take a lot of time. Therefore, a few questions you should ask yourself are: Do you have the time to paint your own business? How much can you paint in one day using a paint brush and a roller? Are you able to work at night? What about all the repairs you need to make? And what will happen if you don’t find the time to complete the work?

On the other hand, a painting company will have all the tools required and many workers experienced enough to do the job proficiently and efficiently. Additionally, tackling a commercial exterior painting project with a crew of professional painters can help you get the best results within just a few days.

Commercial Exterior Painting Requires Health and Safety Training

One more reason why you should employ the services of professional commercial painting contractors is that they’re aware of all the occupational health and safety procedures they need to comply with while performing painting operations.

Since commercial exterior painting involves handling and applying paint mixed with flammable, combustible and toxic chemicals, performing grinding, sanding, waterblasting or sandblasting operations, using compressed air, working at extreme heights and in confined spaces as well as identifying, evaluating and dealing with numerous hazards, hiring commercial painters who are OSHA certified and properly trained in all the safety and health aspects of their job can significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Having highly trained and experienced painters who are committed to the job in order to meet the requirements of our commercial and industrial customers in a prompt and professional manner, Performance Painting Contractors takes pride in delivering top-notch interior and exterior painting services across northeast and southwest Florida. For a service you can rely on, please contact us today to discuss your next painting project.

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