Some people say that no other hotel area is more important than the lobby; after all, the lobby is the first and last space guests see when they visit a hotel. And we cannot agree more. While each area of your hotel plays an important role in providing an excellent customer experience, the lobby is the only space you can use to create a truly memorable first impression.

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In addition to flooring, furnishings and light fixtures, lobby room paint colors can give your hotel a chance to make an impressive splash. If you’re a hotel owner or a manager on the lookout for the best lobby color palette, the following seven tips can help you create a sensational lobby ambiance that will leave your guests wanting more.

  1. Determine the overall concept – Before picking certain lobby room paint colors, you need to determine exactly what you want. For instance, you could opt for a highly themed lobby that has nothing to do with your hotel’s location (e.g. a lobby reproducing Las Vegas casino-inspired elements, or an oasis in the desert, or certain French or Italian patterns, etc.) or, on the contrary, rely on its location near the Coast and choose a refreshing, calming palette of blues, greens or emeralds.
  2. Take into account the size and layout of the space – In a really large space, you can use almost any lobby room paint colors, as long as they deliver an elegant yet cozy atmosphere. In contrast, a small lobby will benefit from lighter, calming color tones that can sweeten and visually open the space. If your lobby is small and dark, you should consider adding sufficient and adequate lighting and maybe some floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which can create a sense of expanded dimension.
  3. Don’t neglect the other elements – One of the core issues in a lobby is the color and texture of the other elements. Does your hotel have a natural wood ceiling and matching flooring? Then, pick a wall paint color that enhances the beauty of these elements, while anchoring the entire space. If your lobby combines colorful, vibrant furnishings and fabrics, opulent features like a dazzling gold leaf trim and an extravagant chandelier with a black granite floor, it’s best to go for a warm color palette that can balance the look. For a modern, minimalist hotel lobby, our commercial painting contractors recommend using successful color combinations like white, ivory or gray paired with bold touches of yellow, Russian green, Prussian blue, Burgundy red, umber or eggplant.
  4. Consider lighting – When selecting lobby room paint colors, lighting plays a pivotal role. Depending on the activities that take place in each area of your lobby, you may need to combine natural with artificial light. In order to choose the right lobby room paint colors, observe the colors you intend to use at different times of day, in different areas of the lobby. It’s also essential to keep in mind that sometimes it’s not just the tone of the color but also the gloss level that must be taken into consideration when choosing paint colors.
  5. Connect the lobby to other areas – Is your lobby leading to conference rooms, banquet halls, gift shops, coffee bars or restaurants? In this case, it’s better to use a neutral, suave hue throughout the entire space, including in the adjoining rooms and hallways. This way, you can easily create a colorful “story” that flows uninterrupted throughout the public areas, giving way to an unexpectedly beautiful interior.
  6. Envision a really welcoming space – Contemporary yet simplistic is the new definition of welcoming, comfortable spaces. But what does it mean? While each hotel lobby project garners its own lobby room paint colors, certain shades work very well across the board. As an example, a soft neutral combined with a sophisticated, bold hue, a traditional check-in desk and plush seating will always deliver an inviting, eclectic ambiance. Now, imagine a color palette pairing a tinted gray, beige or cream with a bright, crispy shade of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple or brown and adorned with dramatic lighting – it can be anything but unwelcoming or boring.
  7. Combine intimacy, artistry and glamor – A color scheme that brings together these three elements can provide an upbeat and uplifting ambiance, just perfect for greeting guests. A careful selection of colors, unique furnishings and stunning artwork can give your hotel lobby a complete facelift and extend an inviting “canvas” for a wonderful customer experience.

Just as with exterior painting, picking the right colors for interior requires a certain amount of creativity and expertise. At Performance Painting Contractors, we have the imagination, knowledge, experience and tools to come up with a unique color palette and deliver the best-quality paint job which can turn your hotel into an architectural eye candy. For specialized commercial painting services and ongoing maintenance of any interior or exterior space in Tampa, Jacksonville and neighboring areas in Florida, feel free to contact our experts today.

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