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The industrial coating systems that are specified to fit the particularities of each painting project and are applied by a qualified industrial painting contractor, according to product data sheets, last longer then conventional paint. But similar to any other paint system, industrial coatings also require routine maintenance.

In a nutshell, the life span and maintenance cycle of industrial coatings in an industrial warehouse depend on the environmental factors and operating conditions specific to each facility.

Besides considering the service life of industrial coatings in relation to all the elements that can negatively impact coating performance, an industrial painting contractor usually looks at five factors before recommending any repairs and/or repainting operations. These are as follows:

  1. The overall condition of the coating system. High temperatures, elevated humidity levels, pollutants, and different chemicals that are used in industrial environments will eventually take their toll on any coating system. Over time, all coatings start to show visible signs of deterioration, such as fading colors, cracking, and peeling.

    Once coating systems begin to deteriorate, they fail to provide the level of protection required in order to maintain the integrity of the substrate. To prevent extensive damage, repainting operations should be performed by an experienced industrial contractor at the first signs of deterioration, before the coating system reaches the end of its service life.

  2. Deteriorated floor markings. In an industrial warehouse, floor coatings used in conjunction with relevant line striping serve four important functions:
    – protect substrates against mechanical, chemical, and environmental degradation;
    – allow business professionals to better organize and use the space;
    – promote a safer work environment by indicating aisles, marking walkways, and calling attention to hazards;
    – improve the aesthetic appeal of the facility.

    In addition to surface wear, other signs of deterioration that indicate the need for a floor coating update include salt crystallization (efflorescence), cracking, and concrete spalling. The industrial floor coatings that are periodically maintained with adequate products remain the best option for industrial facilities.

  3. Deterioration of exterior surfaces. Fading paint colors, peeling paint, flaking, efflorescence, and hairline cracking are some of the signs which indicate that your industrial warehouse could benefit from a new paint job.

    Irrespective of their underlying causes and extent of the damage, these problems are more than just some aesthetic issues. Left untreated, further complications like water infiltration, mildew/mold formation, and severe pest infestations can occur.

  4. Water stains and/or mold growing on interior walls. Water, condensation, and moisture buildup inside walls typically leads to extensive water damage. Water damage can be devastating particularly because it often has many undesirable effects, including cold spots, fungal growth, and premature paint failure.

    In order to avoid all these problems, an experienced industrial painting contractor will always pay close attention to water stains, leaks, drips, and any other signs of water infiltration during the inspection. In case of water damage, the root cause of the problem must be identified and fixed before wall preparation and paint application.

  5. Corroded or rusted surfaces. Metal siding is an increasingly popular option for industrial warehouses. If your warehouse has metal siding that shows signs of corrosion or rust, the easiest way to restore it to its original condition and ensure it stays like that for many years to come is to hire a reputable industrial painting contractor.

With so many considerations, the best way to determine on when to repaint your warehouse is to consult with an experienced industrial painting contractor, like Performance Painting Contractors. Over the years, our company has become a leading choice for the selection and top-quality application of a wide variety of coating systems. To get started on your industrial painting please us today at (904)-641-4800 or (813)-308-0388.

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