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Industrial Line Striping

Line striping is more than just painting a straight line. For many industrial facilities, these lines serve an important purpose- keeping workers safe by providing proper direction. Over time these lines become worn, dingy and not as visible as they used to, which can cause accidents and failing inspections.


Performance Painting Contractors provides line striping services to various industrial facilities and are committed to providing precise, attractive, as well as, quality striping of a factory floor.  We share your ideas and commitment to an organized and safe work environment; that is why you can expect the proper preparation and coating application with attention to detail.

Here are some of the ways Performance Painting ensures that your project will be successful:

  • All employees must pass a full background check
  • OSHA certified job leaders and OSHA trained staff.
  • All staff are involved in continuous education and training
  • In-house craftsmen training program
  • Only quality-trained employees (No Sub-Contractors)
  • Crew Leaders are CPR certified
  • Safety plan for each project
  • We hire the best by offering benefits and strong structure for advancement

Performance Painting Contractors understands that while line striping is important, so is the need to ensure the work day is not interrupted.When working with Performance Painting Contractors, not only do you work with quality craftsmen and professionals, you also get the needed flexibility to ensure safety and convenience  for your line striping project.



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