5 Common Home Improvement Myths Get Busted

Owning a home can seem overwhelming at times. Decorating, cleaning, repairs, lawn maintenance, pest control… the list goes on and on. Although you are busy, you will want to take a moment to read these 5 myths that could not only save you time, but lots of money.

Myth #1: A cracked wall is a BIG problem

Truth: Due to natural expansion and contraction, this might be very normal.

Most cracks are a result of the natural expansion and contraction that walls will experience, not a structural failure. If the cracks begin expanding, doors begin sticking, or you begin to notice uneven floor, now it is time to call in the structural engineer. No need to panic on this one.

Myth #2: Going Green is Expensive

Truth: Some Green products are more expensive, but many are not.

Consider that now many major paint manufacturers are offering a low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC’s) for less than $2.00 extra per gallon. A small cost to be green. However, going green can also save you money. Consider the case of the solar thermal water heater. A simple device uses the suns natural radiation to heat the water. With an initial cost around $3500 – $5000 (without incentives) and a payback of 1-5 years, this device will not only save your family money, but also let your family live a little greener.

Myth #3: Low cost bidder is best

Truth: Sometimes you get ALOT more than what you paid for.

Choosing the lowest cost bidder might just mean that person is not experienced or is desperate for work, in either case, you want to find out why. A good quality contractor is in demand. They do quality work and are often quickly referred to new clients keeping a steady flow of work and needing to do deep discounts. In addition, you will want to confirm that the bid contains the same elements as the other offers; you would hate to find out later that the bids were not offering the same service. If in doubt, ask for references, and contact them.

Myth #4: Neutral colors are safe.

Truth: Neutrals are safe, but BORING.

Although eggshell might not offend anyone, it also will not make anyone fall in love with your home or your decor. Sometime not invoking an emotional response is worse than invoking a response. In order for your friends and family to “ooooh” and “aaaahh” over your decor, you will need to step out of the color box and take a risk. Here is a tip, take a calculated risk. Do not go it alone – get help from a professional decorator. For a small fee, they can help you choose the right color and then your friends and family can gaze in amazement of your breath taking colors.

Myth #5: It’s just wallpaper, we can hang it.

Truth: If the pattern is simple, you might be able to hang it, but with some of today’s complicated patterns, it really takes experience to make it look right.

Have you ever been in a home where the wallpaper did not quite match? You see it immediately. The hard part is seeing when you put it up. Unless you know exactly what to look for and exactly how to line up your wallpaper, you end up with a mistake that will be much more expensive to correct than doing it right the first time. In this case, hiring a professional might be much cheaper than doing it yourself.

Need help?

Let us help you choose colors, hang wallpaper, repair dry wall, paint rooms or stain decks. Keep your weekends for fund, let us do the work.

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