If you’re one of the business professionals who are constantly busy and have very little free time, exterior building upgrades may be the last thing on your mind. But whether you’re running a hotel, a restaurant, a small grocery store, an auto repair shop or other type of business in Tampa or Jacksonville, FL, maintaining your business’s pristine condition is very important for your company’s image and reputation. To attain this goal, you need to ensure that every single element of your commercial building, including the walls, trim and doors, are repaired and repainted on a regular basis. In this blog post, we’re going through three ways a freshly painted door can add instant curb appeal to your business and even bring you more customers.


  1. A painted door and new hardware can help you make a great first impression. First impressions really matter in the business world. A good first impression is what convinces people to stop after the first glance and choose certain brands over others. But to leave a positive, long-lasting first impression on customers, you don’t need to hire a famous decorator. In fact, there are some very simple and affordable improvements that can add a welcoming feel and colorful curb appeal to the exterior of any space. If you’ve already painted the walls of your business but what you see in front of your eyes doesn’t really match the image you have in mind, painting your door a different color can completely transform the look of your business. Freshening up your entryway, a painted door can give your building a nice, finished look. As well, staining or painting other elements like concrete structures, exterior crown molding, trim and window casings is a great way to create a more cohesive “story.”
  2. A painted door can help you blend aesthetics with practicality. Are you looking for something different in terms of aesthetics? Painting your door a bolder color is an ingenious way to make your business’s exterior unique and memorable. Whether it complements or contrasts existing colors, certain hues can convert your door into the most spectacular element of your building. A door painted a cheerful and welcoming shade like bold red, yellow, green or blue can bring about eye-catching charm. A joyful color is also the best choice to make your business look great with greenery and flowers in the summer and brighten that barren feeling in the winter.

    In contrast, splashing a darker hue like inky blue, deep mahogany or black on your door is a great way to make a strong first impression. This can also set your company apart from classic, formal-style business design. But these are not the only reasons why professional Florida painting contractors use dark colors on doors. In a commercial setting, painting a door a dark or a bold hue marks a clear destination for customers. While a dark-colored door looks remarkable when framed by walls in a lighter hue, a more striking contrast can be achieved by painting the door casing a different shade. When choosing door colors, make sure you match them to at least the wall, trim, shutter and roof colors.

  3. A painted door can make your business appear more reliable. Like it or not, the exterior of your business is the first impression potential customers have with your organization. But more important than this is that your company’s image comes as a whole package. Ensuring that every element in that “package” is appealing and consistent with the other elements is critical to enhance your business’s curb appeal. A well-maintained business with a newly painted door that completes the overall paint palette will invite customers in and may even persuade them to choose your business over your competition.

If your Florida business is in need of a high-quality paint job, regardless of whether it’s the entire building, the roof, the entryway or just a door, we invite you to contact our commercial painting contractors in Jacksonville or Tampa, FL. As one of the few leaders in painting services currently serving customers across north-east-central Florida, Performance Painting Contractors can complete your painting project, irrespective of the size and type of your business. To learn more about the commercial painting projects we undertake, contact us online or by phone at (904)-641-4800, (813)-308-0388.

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