Proper exterior paint maintenance can add years of life to a building, even in the harsh environment of Jacksonville.

Thoroughly inspecting surfaces, correctly addressing paint defects and structural problems, properly preparing surfaces, determining what coating systems are best suited for particular areas and applying them in accordance with the manufacturers’ instructions can help minimize the damage typically caused by the elements characterizing Florida.

On the downside, exterior commercial painting projects in Jacksonville are often very complex and exhausting. No wonder many business professionals prefer to engage professional commercial painting companies like Performance Painting Contractors for undertaking their painting projects.

But to make the most of such a project, there are at least three essentials a business professional should take into account.

Project Planning
Careful planning is key to a successful paint-application program. By planning everything down to the smallest detail, you’ll be more successful in carrying out your commercial painting project, while enjoying minimal disruptions to your business operations.

During the planning phase, it’s essential that you discuss with the commercial painting contractor all the activities necessary to bring your project to a successful conclusion. Some important areas include, without being limited to: repairs, prep work, types of surfaces, materials and equipment required, coating application methods and subsequent paint maintenance activities.

Based on all these details, you can create a timeline for your project and figure out an appropriate commercial painting budget.

Compliance with Applicable OSHA Standards

Nowadays, full compliance with OSHA standards is becoming increasingly critical to painting companies across Exterior Painting Jacksonville.pngthe country.

As an example, our OSHA-certified painters receive adequate and continuous safety training in their specific work areas, and additional, hands-on training when equipment or products change or when new processes are implemented.

As a result, our professional commercial painters in Jacksonville, FL, always comply with the control measures, precautions and instructions associated with:

  • wearing personal protective equipment and working at height/in confined spaces;
  • handling solvent-based paints, primers, paint strippers, paint thinners and treatment products that present potential health hazards;
  • identifying, reporting and warning others about any potential risks on site to ensure that all the employees, customers and visitors are safe;
  • protecting equipment and property from damage;
  • cooperating with our commercial and industrial customers on their specific health and safety requirements.

In addition, the low- and no-VOC paint products we use at Performance Painting Contractors are well suited for commercial and residential painting projects because they’re less harmful to human and environmental health.


Insurance coverage is one of those “little” things many business professionals tend to overlook when searching for the best commercial painting contractors in Jacksonville, FL.

What are the risks of hiring uninsured contractors? If something goes wrong, you may be held legally liable for the injuries and/or damages caused by the contractor. This basically means that you might need to cover the monetary compensation awarded to the person(s) who sustained the injury or loss.

At Performance Painting Contractors, we carry:

  • General liability insurance, which provides coverage for any claims arising from injuries to other people or damage to their properties.
  • Workers compensation, which covers employees’ job-related injuries. If the contractor you hire doesn’t carry this type of insurance, you’re at equal risk to be pursued legally by the injured employee.

As a full-service painting company in north-east-central Florida, we’re able to provide high-quality painting for any residential, commercial and industrial customers. With over 16 years of experience on all levels of painting projects, Performance Painting Contractors is a trusted name in the industry. To contact our experienced professionals, please call (904)-641-4800 or (813)-308-0388 today!

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