Often overlooked, window casings can have a dramatic impact on the aesthetic appearance of a commercial building. And as everyone knows, outstanding curb appeal always ensures a great first impression. That being said, you’ve just discovered one reason why you should paint window casings. Now, we invite you to read on for three more benefits of painting window casings along with other building elements.

1. Enhance the color scheme and building design.
Painting window casings is a relatively simple way to better define your interior and exterior design.window-casing.jpg Not only will the right hues give your color palette balance and proportion; they’ll also highlight the architecture of your commercial building. This can lend a truly distinctive character to any business. 

Another essential point is that window casings can alter the perception of an area’s size and shape. If you paint window casings the exact same color as the walls, the casings will appear to blend seamlessly with the rest of the room. A more unified look can make a room look bigger. Conversely, painting window casings a contrasting, stronger shade can visually divide a space. This will add coziness and make the space feel more intimate and welcoming.

When selecting paint for window casings, you generally have three paint sheen choices:

  • Satin – Satin paint is an excellent option for buildings with extravagant decorative profiles, such as the window trims and moldings in old Victorian buildings. This type of paint dulls intricate details, minimizing their “heavy” visual effect.
  • Semi-gloss – Professional painting contractors hired to paint window casings and trim throughout buildings use semi-gloss paint in most projects. With only a slight hint of shine, semi-gloss paint will subtly highlight window casings, while providing a clean, effortless designer appeal.
  • High-gloss – Treating window casings with high-gloss paint is a good option when there are very few details. Since the highly reflective appearance of high-gloss paint makes it less forgiving of imperfections, it’s not a good choice for amateur DIYers.

2. Protect window casings from the elements.
Window casings are designed to add to the attractiveness of buildings. On the downside, they’ll eventually deteriorate just like any other building element. Casings with cracked or peeling paint aren’t just a cosmetic issue. Over time, they can have a number of undesirable consequences, with a damaging effect on the value of your building. When left unprotected, exterior window casings can let moisture and wind-driven rain infiltrate into the wall system. If water gets inside walls, all sorts of bad things can happen, including unsightly stains on walls, paint peeling off walls, mildew and mold growth. To protect your window casings and the entire building against the elements, it’s necessary that you implement a paint maintenance program that involves periodic inspections, repairs and repainting activities. Another essential aspect is to ensure that all wood surfaces are properly prepared before applying paint.

3. Avoid rotting wood and irreparable damage.
Hairline cracks and small holes in exterior wood coatings will let moisture and water soak into wood. Once moisture or water gets inside, it can cause dry rot and widespread destruction of structural wood. Since window casings with chipped or peeling paint can be affected by wood-rotting fungi, we recommend checking all wooden parts of windows for dry rot damage. If rotten wood is discovered, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible and adjacent wood treated with special substances. Additionally, the sun’s rays can irreversibly damage unprotected wood fibers. One simple way to prevent all these is to waterproof your building and paint window casings and other building elements regularly.

Many people are hesitant to paint window casings. But painting isn’t the only way to go about protecting wood. You could very well obtain the same level of protection by applying the right wood stains or sealers. Preserving the natural color of wood trim, window casings and doors won’t only bring natural warmth and texture; it may also add unexpected value to your commercial building.

Selecting the right color palette and coating system for every area of your building can help you protect it from all the environmental factors characterizing Florida and convert it into a beautiful, contemporary work of art.

From single-family homes and multifamily developments to retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, medical complexes and industrial settings, Performance Painting Contractors can take care of any interior or exterior painting needs. While we understand that there are many choices when it comes to choosing a painting contractor, our extensive experience, high quality standards, reliability and integrity make us stand out from our competitors. For more information about our painting and paint maintenance services, please contact us in Jacksonville, FL, at (904)-641-4800 or drop us a line via our online form. In Tampa, FL, our painting contractors can be reached at (813)-308-0388

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