Besides providing adequate support to the people walking up or down the stairs, handrails have an important decorative function. Depending on the materials they’re made of, be it wood, metal, concrete, marble or glass, handrails can be used to complete the look of any interior or exterior. A great thing about painted handrails is that you can repaint them a different color every time you renovate your home for a complete makeover.

Unfortunately, handrails that are used extensively can deteriorate quite quickly. When this happens, they need to be repaired and repainted. While the reason for repairing handrails can be easily understood by anyone – after all, these elements need to be sturdy enough to offer people the support they expect when using the stairs – why homeowners should also address problems like peeling paint may be less obvious. However, fixing paint on handrails is very important, especially if they’re made of metal or wood. Below are three quick reasons why you should do that.

  1. Fixing peeling paint enhances appearance: Repairing and repainting handrails can enhance the appearance of any outdoor or indoor living space. Since exterior handrails are one of the most visible parts of your home, our residential painting contractors advise you to use paint colors and decorative painting patterns that match your exterior design scheme and can help you turn your deck or balcony into an inviting retreat. As well, fixing peeling paint on your interior handrails can dramatically revamp your decor without the long and complicated process of painting the entire railing system. You can paint the repaired areas the same color or choose a contrasting shade for a bold, interesting decor statement.
  2. Painting provides protection: Metal and wood exposed to the elements won’t last too long. While bare metal is susceptible to different forms of corrosion, wood handrails with areas of peeling paint can be affected by moisture and attacked by wood-destroying organisms, such as mold, dry rot, termites, etc. Though it might be easier to replace your old handrails with new ones, fixing peeling paint makes more sense if only a few small sections of your handrails are damaged. Properly prepared and painted handrails will deliver a long-lasting protective paint job that will keep metal from rusting and wood from weathering and rotting. When painting metal railings, use a primer and paint with rust inhibitor to prevent rust from appearing.
  3. Repairing peeling paint will save you a lot of money: Inspecting your handrails regularly and fixing areas of peeling paint as soon as possible are two simple things you can do to keep your handrails in good condition. Since a new paint film can better withstand exposure to UV radiation, high temperature, rain water, moisture and other weather elements in Florida, it can considerably prolong the lifespan of your handrails. Considering that replacing your handrails can cost you anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, repairing peeling paint will save you a significant amount of money.

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