PAINT_COLOR_TRENDS_FOR_2016.jpgAs 2015 is drawing to a close, nothing is more hotly debated across the painting industry than the latest paint color trends for 2016. From hundreds of propositions, the best interior designers and decorators have chosen a few color combinations that will make 2016 truly unique.

Paint Color Trends for 2016

Besides natural fibers and reinterpreted floral patterns, which will change the look and feel of many spaces in 2016, the most remarkable, almost hypnotic color combinations have been brought to life to define a new direction in interior design. If you’re wondering what new looks you should consider for your home or business next year, here is an in-depth insight into the “colors of tomorrow” from our professional painters in Jacksonville FL.

  • Dark colors – Often used to create a cozy yet elegant atmosphere, dark colors like black, slate gray, chocolate brown and dark plum are some of the most sophisticated, glamorous hues you can use to decorate your living space next year. When balanced with vivid, bright tints or metallic accents, not only do these colors add interest to interiors but also deliver fantastic color palettes with a futuristic touch.
  • Colors without season – “Colors without season” is a new concept in interior design. For 2016, professionals have come up with new “seasonal” color rules, which encourage homeowners to include autumn colors, such as rust and olive, in spring color schemes and winter colors like satin white, frosty gray, powdery blue and dusty mauve in summer palettes.
  • Rich color schemes – One of the most lively, expressive and youthful yet soothing color combinations you can opt for in 2016 is white and blue. Suitable for homes and businesses alike, the combined power of blue and white is refreshing and enthusiastic, while adding calming effects to any interior and offering the best possible background for shinny metallics like silver or brass.
  • Comforting combinations – Though many people believe that blue and green combinations can’t deliver harmonious color schemes, interior designers together with our professional painters in Jacksonville FL, are ready to contradict them. By pairing light blue with a soft tint of emerald green, for instance, you can create a unique, magical decor that can counteract the everyday stress of modern life.
  • New “organics” – New “organic” colors, such as golden-brown, shiny-beige, creamy-orange and muted-red hues, can be used to bring natural feel into modern decorating and create an relaxed, intimate, harmonious, lively and friendly interior. Using new “organic” colors, you can give your home or business the fashionable makeover it deserves.
  • “Majestic” color schemes – There’s nothing more majestic and eye catching than contrasting terracotta-, paprika- or red wine-inspired colors with bronze or copper accents. The pioneer driving this new trend is Marsala, the color of 2015. In the right combinations, these colors can instill a sense of optimism into any decor, while opening the dialogue between past, present and future.
  • The “Tried-and-True” Gray and Beige Color Palettes – Regardless of what some people may say, gray and beige will continue to play a major role in residential, commercial and industrial spaces. When spiced up with bold colors or warm pastels, any gray or beige scheme looks absolutely fabulous.

Nevertheless, the latest paint color trends bring together a few antagonistic concepts, contrasting vintage patterns with fresh mindfulness and passionate pursuit with social engagement for the ultimate extravagance in interior design. To find out how you can use 2016 paint color trends to create a nonconformist yet cheerful and inviting atmosphere, we invite you to get in touch with our professional painters in Jacksonville FL by calling (904)-641-4800 or emailing [email protected].

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