Why waterproofing your business is importantWaterproofing systems and treatments provide a tough yet flexible barrier against moisture and water infiltration through walls. When water or moisture penetrates the exterior plaster finishes, it travels through the masonry, causing damp patches that are very difficult to dry.

Besides aesthetics, the problem with damp spots is that they tend to absorb more moisture, eventually leading to mold growth, rot problems, efflorescence (white, crunchy deposits) erupting through the plaster and paint, and extensive structural damage. Since waterproofing can prevent and solve problems caused by penetrating moisture, it is recommended especially in areas with high humidity levels, such as Jacksonville, FL.

Waterproofing Your Jacksonville Business – Is It Worth It?

Waterproofing exterior walls will provide many benefits to your Jacksonville business, which range from maintaining its professional appearance and increasing the market value of the building to saving you a lot of money. Now, let’s dive into the benefits of exterior waterproofing.

Keep the Water Out and the Heat In
The damp patches formed by the water that travels through the masonry are also referred to as “cold spots.” That’s because damp patches lose heat three times faster than dry walls. Though we have fairly mild winters here in Jacksonville, a damp spot coming in contact with the hot air inside a room will cause condensation, excessive moisture and mold growth. Exterior waterproofing can prevent all these issues from occurring.

Get Rid of Moisture, Allergens, Mold, Rot and Musty Odors
Waterproofing your exterior walls will reduce indoor moisture levels, eliminating allergens, musty odors, mold and rot. Besides protecting furniture, metal cabinets, carpets, documents and other items from moisture, you’ll be able to create a comfortable and healthy work environment, which will have a major positive effect on your employees, customers and revenue.

Improve Structural Performance and Increase the Value of the Building
According to recent reports, just one cubic inch of water (approximately 16 ml) can cause enough damage for repairs to be necessary. As water travels through the masonry, it erodes structures, causing damp patches, cracks in the paint and plaster, bubbling, peeling and flaking paint. All these will let in more water, which will eventually lead to rot, mold growth and significant structural damage. Waterproofing will allow you to keep your building dry and structurally sound, and maintain (if not increase) its market value.

Save Yourself the Painting “Hassle”
Many businesses are trying to get rid of water stains, efflorescence, peeling paint and mold growth by painting over it. But that’s just a waste of time and resources. Without addressing the underlying issues, these problems will reoccur. When these things are caused by water ingress, a more effective approach would be to waterproof the exterior to get rid of water-related problems in masonry structures for good.

Add Usable Space to Your Business
Keeping walls dry, waterproofing systems also allow you to redesign and expand your business space. There’s nothing easier than removing the existing waterproofing system from the exterior walls, build the extension you need and then waterproof its exterior.

The aforementioned factors provide sufficient reasons to motivate a practical and thoughtful business professional. Since technologically advanced waterproofing systems installed by knowledgeable professionals are the only logical choice for any business, we invite you to contact us at Performance Painting. Besides consistently delivering flawless results, our qualified professionals are always willing to help and offer expert advice on any waterproofing or painting project.

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