Keeping interiors cool in the intense summer heat is a major concern especially in states like Florida. This is also reflected in an EIA survey, which confirms that Florida households consume 40 percent more energy than the national average. Nearly 30 percent of the total energy is used for air conditioning. In addition, recent research has shown that a traditional roof can account for up to 70 percent of the total heat gain in a building. That being said, exploring passive roof cooling techniques that can maintain a comfortable environment in buildings is well worth the effort.


A passive cooling solution is to apply a reflective roof coating to existing roofs. Our professional painting contractors recommend painting your roof for the reasons discussed below.

Minimize Energy Consumption
Under Florida’s summer sun, standard roofs can reach 150°F. “Cool” roofs, on the other hand, can reach a maximum temperature of 100°F. When the sun’s rays hit a rooftop coated with a specialty product, up to 80 percent of the rays bounce back into the atmosphere. As a result, highly reflective roof coatings lower roof temperatures, decreasing the heat passed on to the buildings and reducing energy consumption. Considering how hot Florida summers can be, this translates into hefty savings. By extension, energy savings reduce air pollution, with a positive impact on the urban heat island effect and global warming.

Protect Your Roof from Early Degradation
Painting your roof provides protection against ultraviolet and infrared heat degradation. The ultraviolet radiation and temperature fluctuations between day and night have a debilitating effect on roofs. Coatings that reflect the sun’s rays can keep the temperature of your roof more constant, prolonging its lifespan. This is particularly true for well-insulated roof systems, which cannot shed heat into the buildings.

Waterproof Your Roof
High moisture levels and rainwater are two problems that shouldn’t be overlooked in Florida. Though most roofs are factory-produced and delivered with moisture-resistant repellents, rooftops should be coated with specialty products within several months from the installation. Waiting any longer may allow moisture or water to get through the moisture-resistant layer, which will cause roofing materials to deteriorate. Painting your roof with the right coating system and re-coating it regularly will seal the entire surface, including small holes and cracks. The result will be a waterproofing membrane that will provide long-term protection with minimal maintenance.

In warm, moist locations, harsh UV radiation, moisture, torrential rains and occasional hail aren’t the only factors that can shorten the lifespan of roofs. Roofs are also susceptible to damage due to algae, moss, mildew and mold growth. To address this issue, some cool roof coatings include chemicals that inhibit algae, moss and fungal growth.

Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of roof systems and roofing materials. However, the outer layer is the one that determines whether you have a traditional or a cool roof. Irrespective of the type of roof, applying a reflective coating system is often the easiest way to convert it into a cool roof.

If you’re interested in expert roof coating installation, Performance Painting Contractors has a dedicated team ready to solve your roofing problems. Experts on all types of coating systems, our professional paint contractors can help you keep your home, commercial space or industrial building not only cooler during the summer months but also looking its best throughout the years. To learn more about our service offerings, to discuss your painting project in detail or to require a free painting estimate, please fill out our brief online form.

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