Why Consider Anti-Slip Epoxy Floor Coating

Installing an anti-slip epoxy floor coating is a great idea for any business. Not only can it make the work environment safer, but it can also make your job significantly easier, and protect your floors from harmful chemicals. Here’s why so many companies have already installed an anti-slip epoxy coating:

Keeping Your Employees Safe

No matter what kind of shop you are running, there are always hazards that come with the territory. Plain old concrete, and even painted floors, can be remarkably dangerous during with fall and winter months when rain and snow get tracked inside. In addition, anything that spills on the concrete will leave a slippery spot that is dangerous for both your employees and your customers who may come into the workspace. If you want to cut down on lost time accidents, an anti-slip epoxy floor coating will provide you with enough grip to overcome any small drips or runs that could gather on the ground.

Protecting Your Floors

In order to prevent your floors from cracking, chipping and staining from the exposure to all the chemicals you use, an epoxy floor coating is the way to go. This coating includes a protective outer layer that keeps chemicals at bay and makes it easier to clean up spills when necessary. Instead of letting oil or grease seep into the concrete, it stays right on top where it can be wiped up before it becomes a permanent slick spot.

Making Your Job Easier

Whether you’re moving or lifting heavy items in your warehouse or pushing carts full of product to their storage locations, having a non-slip floor is a great asset. It makes it easier to use ladders and other equipment without fear of slipping or tripping, and it ensures that your products reach their destination in good shape.

An anti-slip epoxy floor coating can be easily installed in any workspace in just a few simple steps. You can choose from a variety of base colors, as well as the size of aggregate used to create the non-slip surface. Once those layers are set, the whole thing will be sealed with a clear epoxy to provide a long-lasting and durable finish that you can count on for years to come. Performance Painting is your go-to for all your non-slip epoxy flooring needs. We have a wide range of floor products available, and we can help you prep your floor for a smooth application.

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